Raiders workout NFL Draft prospect

It is beginning to border on comical. While the talk of quarterback and the Oakland Raiders is tied together tighter than David Blaine above Times Square, the focus is on the big two. Perhaps the thinking should change.

The Oakland Raiders met Stanford quarterback Trent Edwards at their Alameda facility in early April – continuing to show signs that they are not set on JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn.

Edwards is the third quarterback not named Russell or Quinn to be brought in for a visit and the growing feeling is that they simply can't pass on Calvin Johnson with the first overall pick.

Edwards is fighting Kevin Kolb, a quarterback they have also met with, for the third quarterback chosen slot in the upcoming NFL Draft.

At 6-foot-4, 230-pounds, has the build but injury concerns have beaten him down a notch. He broke his foot after the seventh game of his senior season, completing 60.3 percent of his passes for 1,027 yards with six touchdowns and six interceptions. He played in just 31 games for the Cardinals – suffering behind an offensive line that acted more like matadors.

Edwards hit on 47 of 50 passes during a rainy Pro Day in late March, showing good accuracy and pass placement. He displayed a live arm, zipping the ball into targets and also threw good corner patterns. What stood out was the way Edwards got through the workout despite the rain. The ball was soaking wet and only a limited number were available.

"Possesses a quick release and really fires the ball into targets," Draft analyst Tony Pauline said of his NFL Combine performance. "Timed the outs well and passes showed a lot of zip. Needs better accuracy and consistent pass placement; threw some beautiful balls down the field which were right on the mark then would miss his targets badly."

There are more than a few who believe that Edwards upside rivals any other quarterback on the market and the Raiders are a team who is viewing him with the same feelings. He is rising up draft boards of late – much like Kellen Clemons did a year ago. Whether or not the visit went well could dictate the direction Oakland takes when the Draft hits at the end of this month.

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