Raiders bring in hybrid for visit

The Oakland Raiders met with a hybrid offensive player this past week – dreaming of ways they could use his versatility in what will be a USC-style offense that features multiple looks.

Changing positions to make it in the NFL isn't unheard of. Perhaps the hardest thing to do is move from running back to fullback – oftentimes prospects believe they can make it as a tailback at the next level but the option just isn't there.

So the move to fullback is logical – even if the prospect has not fully grasped the concept. But this prospect has changed his way of life and now could fill multiple roles.

The Raiders met with Houston running back Jackie Battle last week with an eye on having him fill multiple roles.

And, it should be noted, Battle is the second fullback-type to be brought in for a visit.

But, it wasn't until they saw him workout with Kevin Kolb, Houston's quarterback, that their interest piqued.

Battle not only ran fast (4.42, 4.43), his explosiveness, as indicated in the vertical jump (41") and broad jump (10-foot-11), was off the charts, as well.

Battle shared the backfield duties throughout his career and was more known for his ability as a short-yardage runner (31 career TDs) than a blazer, but his performance here will have scouts re-checking their notes.

"I believe I definitely have the size and now I have the speed," Battle said after playing the majority of his career as a short-yardage back. "I have gotten a lot faster. I am a lot looser and more flexible."

And the Raiders are believers.

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