NFL Draft Q&A: USC WR Dwayne Jarrett

Scoring in the NFL isn't easy so when the all-time touchdown leader at USC comes out teams figure to line up for his services. Four confirmed visits down, Dwayne Jarrett is looking to leave his mark. He talked to us about his desire to be the best, playing against the top cornerbacks in the NFL, new Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin - is a reunion possible?

Jarrett had visits with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans.

As the all-time TD leader in school history, does that tell us that you know how to use your size to your advantage?

Dwayne Jarrett: I think that is part of my game. I played basketball so that helps me out too. Being on the field, I know how to use my body and knowing the game is an advantage that I have over other receivers.

Talk about the chance to compete against the likes of Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson and the challenges they present.

Dwayne Jarrett: Those are the top corners in the game. They are veterans and have been there for a long time. For me to go against those guys is going to be a challenge for me. I plan on going out there and having fun. Competing against those guys is a dream come true. I grew up watching them come up at a young age and to be on the same field is definitely a blessing.

You caught 11 passes against Michigan in the Rose Bowl – was the defining moment of your career?

Dwayne Jarrett: I wouldn't say defining – it was one of the highlights of my career. I play hard every game. That is one of the things everyone sees – but it was a team effort. The team played great and I tried to do my best to help them get over the hump.

Is there anything specific you are working on before the NFL Draft in April?

Dwayne Jarrett: A little bit of everything. There is definitely room for improvement. I have great people around me. I feel everyday I am getting better and making progress.

How have you grown since signing day until now?

Dwayne Jarrett: It definitely has been a long haul and a growing experience for me. I came into the game young and leaving as a young adult. Like I said, there is always room for improvement and I am going to keep working on my game.

Being a USC receiver was a tremendous experience. I love my guys, my coaches and it is time for me to move further. I am going to have fun with it.

Do you feel like you are in the mold of a Keyshawn Johnson, another USC alumni or is there someone else in the league that you are a better fit for?

Dwayne Jarrett: I don't compare myself to Keyshawn at all. I am my own individual. He has been there and has had a great NFL career. That is him. I am the next Dwayne Jarrett. I am going to go out there and play hard and be a student of the game. That is what it is about.

Whoever I get drafted to, I am definitely going to learn from the older receivers. Take on what they say because it is all new to me. It is the same game but at a different level. I want to capitalize on my opportunity.

What is an NFL team getting when they select Dwayne Jarrett?

Dwayne Jarrett: I think they are getting a hard worker who will always try and get better. I am never complacent. I am a team player. I definitely want to make the most of this opportunity and will give everything I have to succeed.

You were born on 9/11 – does that date hold special significance for you now, besides the obvious birthday celebration?

Dwayne Jarrett: You always remember 9/11. It happened to be my birthday – my heart goes out to every family and it was a hard moment for everybody in America. I live with it. I still celebrate but show my respect for the people and the families.

You have intimate knowledge of Coach Kiffin since he came out to recruit you – what are the Raiders getting in their new head coach?

Dwayne Jarrett: They are getting a coach that has great attitude. He definitely has character and Coach Kiffin is definitely football savvy. He knows the game inside and out. That runs in his family. It is a great chance for him to show what he can do and I know he is going to do well.

I knew he would be a head coach one day – it goes to his hard work. He taught me so much from point A to point Z. He definitely understands players. He can be hard at times. He taught me everything I know and I came out pretty OK.

If they take to his learning they will learn a lot.

Having played and lived with Matt Leinart – what can you tell us about him that no one else knows?

Dwayne Jarrett: I think he is just the coolest dude. I lived with him and a lot of people don't get to see the everyday Matt Leinart. He is goofy, funny and he is a great guy. People don't see that side of him; they see the serious Matt Leinart that is on top of his game – people don't get to see the silly, outrageous guy he can be. It has been a great experience for me when I lived with him.

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