Raiders acquire McCown, Williams

The Raiders added their second quarterback on Draft Day when they traded for Detroit's Josh McCown - a move first reported would happen on April 14. Oakland also picked up wide receiver Mike Williams, further fueling speculation that Randy Moss is on his way out of town.

Lane Kiffin and his crew engineered the trade shortly after completing another deal with Arizona, swapping second-round picks with the Cardinals while also picking up an additional fourth-round pick.

That fourth-round pick was pivotal because it's what the Raiders ended up shipping to Detroit in exchange for Josh McCown and Mike Williams, the 10th overall pick in 2005 who failed to live up to expectations in the Motor City.

Denis Savage of first reported that the trade would happen two weeks ago HERE.

McCown nearly joined the Raiders last year. He flew to Oakland as part of his free agent tour in the offseason but wound up signing with the Lions instead after the Raiders told him they wanted him to serve as a mentor to Andrew Walter.

In Detroit, McCown never was able to beat out Jon Kitna for the starting quarterback job but, in an ironic twist, did play in two games as the Lions' wide receiver, ahead of -- guess who? -- Williams.

McCown probably won't be asked to play receiver in Oakland but it seems clear the position is headed for a shakeup. Moss, who has been unhappy for some time, is being shopped around the league but as of yet the Raiders have been unable to find any takers.

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