Kiffin sums up the Raiders 2007 NFL Draft

Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin could barely hide his excitement. His smile rang from ear to ear, taking in all that encompassed his first NFL Draft - including the deal that shipped Randy Moss out of town.

  • Lane Kiffin applauded the media who managed to leg out the marathon - the few remaining reporters who managed to stick it out through both days:

    "You guys are the warriors"

  • On the Randy Moss trade:

    "It was just time for it to happen...I don't know what Randy said but it was a direction we needed to do. We are building a team with people who really want to be here."

  • On Michael Bush:

    "Here is a guy who came into the year as a first round pick. Whenh he is fully healthy he can really help us."

  • On the overall draft:

    "We got a lot of really productive guys - not guys who are height, weight, speed guys. Down after down football players."

  • On what is next:

    "This is all fun but it is time to really go to work now."

  • He touched on many other topics in this recap of the NFL Draft and how his roster has been filled over 20 minutes of audio:

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