The final word on Moss

A malcontent in Oakland, Randy Moss has a new lease on life in New England and the Raiders are thankful to be rid of him. His talent is unquestioned – but Lane Kiffin's statement and authority is too – now.

With that, we show you Randy Moss' full transcript of his teleconference with reporters.

Randy Moss: I'd like to thank you all for taking the time out and patiently waiting. I don't think you all understand how excited I am to really be a part of this organization. I think [the Patriots'] record and what they're about speaks massive volumes and I'm just very happy to find some happiness and get back to what I love to do, which is play football and go out there and compete.

Tell us about how this came about for you? Can you walk us through the process?

Randy Moss: I actually was hearing it through some friends, close friends, and also the media of course, [that] Oakland was trying to shop me around. I think Green Bay came up and New England came up and maybe Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, and I don't really know who else. So that's just basically how things came about, and just really last night me and Coach Belichick really talked for the first time about what's been going on. He asked me how excited I [would be] if the opportunity would present itself for me to become a Patriot and, really, I was overwhelmed because I didn't expect to hear from Coach Belichick. Once we talked and things worked themselves out, I was very overwhelmed. I'm still in shock at the same time and I can't believe I'm a Patriot.

We're hearing that you were willing to renegotiate your deal to come here and you may have been less willing to do that other places. If that's truth, why is that?

Randy Moss: Like I said, [the Patriots] have a massive reputation of what they stand for, and that's winning. Through the course of my career and the course of my life of playing sports, I've always tried to be a winner and go out there and compete. And by me having a chance to play with an organization [like the Patriots] with the coaching staff, with Mr. [Robert] Kraft as the owner, and the players they have in position, I didn't think that money was a big factor to me. I think over the course of my career, I've made a lot of money, and I still have money in the bank, so by me coming to an organization like the New England Patriots, why would money be a factor? I know I have to get paid something, but to have the numbers that I was going to receive, I knew something had to be done with my contract, and I didn't have a problem with it.

What did Coach Belichick say that he expects of you on and off the field?

Randy Moss: It's nothing that we really seriously talked about. We [mostly] talked about the football side of it and what the New England Patriots were about. I think he just wants me to be me and go out here and compete and have fun like I know how to do.

What are your thoughts about playing with Tom Brady?

Randy Moss: I've always been a big fan of Tom Brady. From the time that he took over the starting job fro Drew Bledsoe, I knew that was a blessing [for] Tom, because I saw him play a little bit in college and then by him coming in and taking grasp of being the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots and winning three Super Bowls, I think that was just something that, as a fan of the game, that I always paid attention to. And now to have an opportunity, not just to play with Tom, but just being on a team that runs a professional ship as far as on and off the field… I know there are some things that I have done in the past and young in my career, but I think that's all behind me. I'm really not living in the past. I'm trying to live in the present and the future. Hopefully this thing works out. I know I want it to work out and hopefully the organization feels the same.

What do you say to people that question your professionalism and your work ethic?

Randy Moss: I don't really like to answers questions like that because the people that question it probably never played football in their life or [have never] been on the same pedestal that I've been on. I have a microscope [on me] and my microscope is very big. The people that talk about me, as far as my work ethic and my competitive nature and me going out there and playing football, the best thing I can say to you, male or female, all you have to do is line up against me and see what happens.

You've admitted in the past to smoking marijuana. I know you've been in the drug program in the past. Are you in the drug program right now?

Randy Moss: I'm not going to get into the past.

Are you in the program right now?

Randy Moss: I think that a lot of things that you guys are going to try to come up with and try to dig into is very confidential between a player and the organization and also the NFL, so I'm not going to really get into that.

With you on the roster, do you think New England is a favorite to win the Super Bowl?

Randy Moss: When the opportunity came around for me to be traded to New England, and I talked to Coach Belichick, once I started hearing the buzz in the air and on the TV, it was just more like me getting a chance to really get on that Super Bowl stage and really show the world who am I am and what I am able to do. I [think] that what I have done in my nine-year career was just a glimpse of what I can do. So me being able to get the right things in place for me being able to succeed on the field is right here in New England.

How hard has it been playing in losing situations year after year?

Randy Moss: I think it's frustrating for me. It's frustrating for any player. Any athlete, not just football. Any athlete-- if it's golf, if it's an individual sport or a team sport, it's always frustrating, but when it happens and it's like you are going week in and week out and losing and you can't find ways to win, it's very frustrating. I think that what I have done in the past as far as losing and sometimes getting out of control, I think it's just my competitive nature of wanting to win and help my team get into a position to win. Like I said, losing can sometimes get contagious, but as a player you can't let that settle in, and I think that's one of the things that bothered me. I didn't want it to set in and it didn't set in. It was just really nerve-racking that it was hard for me to win.

Do you have a relationship with anyone on this team? Have you spoken to anyone?

Randy Moss: I talked to Tom Brady today, just to jump some things off and just let him know how excited I am to play with him and also the other players on this team. I know Tom is no individual. Like I said, I have done my homework on this organization, because they have won three Super Bowls, so who hasn't? I think that they have players in place who are well respected and well known throughout the league. Really, for me just to talk to the players… there are some things going on right now, man… like I said, I'm still overwhelmed and at the same time kind of star struck that I am part of this New England Patriots organization. So the only person that I have really talked to is Tom Brady thus far.

What coaching approach gets the best out of you?

Randy Moss: I think that Coach [Belichick] is going to give me his best as far as getting me prepared weekly and motivate me. I think that he is the kind of coach that can motivate me, and not just me, but the team, to go out there and win. I mean, he has a proven track record, so why not be happy? Why not be excited to come and play for this organization?

Are you okay with being treated exactly like everybody else?

Randy Moss: I've never had a problem with it before in my lifetime. It's just other people have.

Tom Brady is known for spreading the ball around. Are you comfortable with that?

Randy Moss: Of course I am. I just want to win. I don't know where you guys are coming from knowing that I am going to be so selfish about this trade and me becoming a Patriot. I have never been a selfish ball player. I've been selfish about winning, but as far as me getting the ball and getting my numbers, I've never been selfish. I understand that an organization pays me a certain amount of dollars to make things happen and when things don't happen, of course I get mad. Of course I get angry.

Being a Marshall guy, do you know Troy Brown?

Randy Moss: I've always considered myself to be the second best receiver to come out of Marshall. Being able to play with a Troy Brown and what he's done for the organization, and I know that Troy is not an individual, and I know they don't live off of individuals, but just to see what he's done in the past with his Super Bowl experience as far as his punt return against the Pittsburgh Steelers, there are just some things that I love in the game that you have to pay attention to. Troy being from Marshall and me being from Marshall, like I've always said, he's started the trend of guys going into the league from Marshall and I just want to continue that also, but at the same time, enjoy myself and have fun.

Randy, have you ever had any contact with Corey Dillon and in any way do you see similarities, a guy who came here with a certain reputation and proved otherwise?

Randy Moss: Well, no. I think that the media has put the reputation and all of this stuff out there about me. My coaches that I've played for, the players that I've played with, never seemed to have a problem about me and my character, only the media does. One thing that I promise you guys, and I'm going to try my best to give you a few short interviews, but at the same time, I'm going to stay away from it.

Can you give us any idea of what the structure of the new contract looks like?

Randy Moss: No, I'm not really here to discuss my contract. All I want you to know is how excited I am to be a part of this organization. I think that a lot of things have been said probably over the last week or two about the draft coming, [if] am I going to stay in Oakland or what team am I going to be on and that really kind of bothered me because I really didn't know my fate. Not knowing my fate really scares me and what it scares me into doing is working out and getting my body conditioned so whenever or whoever's team I get on, hopefully I can showcase my talent. Luckily it was the New England Patriots. So you all are going to really see some things that you've never seen before and, when it does happen, don't say I didn't tell you.

When did you get word that this was going to be your fate?

Randy Moss: I think last night. I talked to Coach Belichick and he really talked about a couple of things and the possibility of me becoming a Patriot and I just told him that I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and try not to do anything stupid, meaning how happy I am to even talk to Coach Belichick and them entertaining a possible trade of me becoming a New England Patriot. Like I said, I am still excited, but at the same time, I'm still in awe that I'm a part of this organization.

Is it true New England was the only team you would restructure your contract for?

Randy Moss: No. I think that, at the time, [there were talks] about possible trades with the teams and I found out that New England was interested. How many players can you ask in the league that wouldn't want to come up here and play for the New England Patriots? Like I said, their organization really speaks for itself. You don't have to really go out and ask Mike Vrabel, Tom Brady, Richard Seymour, you don't have to ask those guys about the organization because the organization speaks for itself. When I found out that the organization was interested, like I said, I really found out last night how interested they were. I heard it, like I said, through the grapevine, through my friends and on the television through the media that they might be interested. I didn't really get too excited because I didn't know if it would work or not.

Did you feel like anything went wrong in Oakland and with Coach [Lane] Kiffin?

Randy Moss: No it wasn't Coach Kiffin. I wish Coach Kiffin the best. I really haven't had a chance to really, really talk to Coach Kiffin because there was a little bit of bad blood in Oakland. It was not one particular person. I think it was just not winning and that's what frustrated me the most is not being able to win. As far as I'm concerned with Coach Kiffin I wish him the best. They drafted JaMarcus Russell. They had the two acquisitions this offseason. I don't have any bad blood with any particular person, even Mr. [Al] Davis, or with the organization. I wish everybody there the best. I really do.

There's a report that Coach Belichick saw you run 4.29/40, is that true?

Randy Moss: Let's put it this way – the Moss of old is back. We'll leave it at that.

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