First Look: Eric Frampton

Eric Frampton, a San Jose native, headed back to the Bay Area after being picked by the Oakland Raiders with the 28th pick of the fifth round and 165th overall.

Frampton, mild mannered off the field but a head-cracker on it, was surrounded by family and friends Sunday, waiting to hear his name called.

"I was holding my breath the whole draft and I finally get a chance to just let it all out," he said. "Not nervous, just excited," he how he described the wait for the call.

Oakland defensive backs coach Darren Perry spoke with Frampton on Saturday, hinting that the Raiders were very interested in him.

"They want to build a good team," said Frampton, who was first-team All-Pac-10 in 2006. "I have tons of goals that I've written down that I'm looking forward to reaching." once referred to you as "perhaps the best safety that no one is talking about." Is that how you felt at that time?

Eric Frampton: Yeah, but I liked it. They type of player I am, I don't need that adulation to get me going. I don't work for other people to say "hey Eric, he's the man," but more to know that I'm the best. And I guess that would be the chip on my shoulder; I want to know that I'm the best out there. Even going to the Combine and having some interviews and whatnot, the main thing is to get on a roster and show people that I can compete with the best and that I am one of the best.

You really turned things up a notch your senior year. How do you think that came about?

Eric Frampton: I think just focus and preparation. Just for me it was getting comfortable with football, not with football necessarily, but just getting comfortable with who I was and what role I played on the team and excelling from there and making it my own.

Your coach said the following about you: "sweet kid, but he's a head-hunter, a tough kid and the pro scouts say that too" how do you reconcile that duality?

Eric Frampton: To be honest I think my relationship with God. When I'm amongst people I want to treat them with respect and kindness and just love people. And when I'm on the football field, accordingly everything I do, I want to do it to the best of my ability. So when I'm out there on the football field competing, it's a whole different mentality and I kind of switch it on and then it becomes a game of me against you and I get competitive.

What do you love most about playing football?

Eric Frampton: I love the competitive nature of the sport. I also enjoy the camaraderie, being with your teammates, being able to share with each other, encourage each other, pick each other up. The atmosphere from practice to gameday is beautiful.

Your defensive backs coach Ken Greene said: "he's bigger, faster and stronger than (Erik) Coleman…he could be a dominant player in a few years" do you find that humbling?

Eric Frampton: I really do. I do because Erik Coleman is a player I looked up to and, to a certain extent, his work ethic is something I modeled. He was a guy I looked up to and when he was working hard, I took a lot from him as a player; so that's a heck of a compliment coming from coach Greene who is also a great guy and a great person

You had a broken collar bone in high school, but no real history of injuries in college correct?

Eric Frampton: That's correct.  I didn't miss any time in college. When it came my time to step on the field and play, I was always ready. I feel like, for me, I always wanted to understand and make sure to keep myself in check, know the difference between injured and hurt. If it was something that was bothering or hurting me, I made sure to get into the cold tub and rehab and work at it, so when it came to game time and practice time I was able to be on the field.

Do you think any specific defensive schemes play to your strengths?

Eric Frampton: I can play them all. Once I learn, and I have learned quite a few up here at Washington State-- 3-4, 4-3 --to me it doesn't matter because regardless of if I'm in the box, outside the box, far away from the ball, out of position, I'm going to hustle to the other side of the field if I have to make the play.

Kevin Dudley contributed to this report

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