Donovin Darius Scouting Report

Earlier today, the Oakland Raiders signed former Jacksonville Jaguars strong safety Donovin Darius to a three-year contract valued at approximately $7.1 million. The soon to be 32 year old has spent each of his nine pro seasons in Jacksonville after graduating from Syracuse University.

Donovin Darius was one of my favorite Jaguars, as he reminded me a little of a strong safety that used to play in the Bay area, Ronnie Lott. Darius has been the Jaguars enforcer in the secondary ever since his rookie season, and he is the teams' all-time leading tackler. Darius stops the run as if he was an extra linebacker, and has caused opposing receivers to hear footsteps whenever they come across the middle. Darius is a tireless worker, and a great leader on the field and in the community. Darius had become one of the most beloved Jaguars, as he's known for his charity work and fan interaction, and Oakland couldn't have signed a better person.

So if he's such a big hitter and great guy, why did the Jaguars release Donovin Darius? The main reasons that the Jaguars parted ways with "DD" are age, recent injury history, money, and youth. Darius will be 32 before the regular season begins, and he has finished the last two seasons on the injured reserve with a torn ACL, then a broken leg. Darius was due to earn $3.5 million this season for the Jaguars, and at his age, after the injuries, he simply can't play at the level of a player earning that kind of money. In his absence, reserve safety Gerald Sensabaugh actually out-played Darius, and the Jaguars selection of safety Reggie Nelson pretty much sealed Darius' fate in Jacksonville.

It was reported that Darius failed the Jaguars physical, but he was able to move around fairly well at Jaguars mini-camp. If he is healthy enough to play, he will add leadership and toughness at the very least for the Oakland Raiders. If he isn't healthy enough to play, it's likely that there is very little guaranteed money in his contract, and the Raiders will probably not lose much in the deal.

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