Raiders still waiting on Russell

As expected, quarterback JaMarcus Russell was not among the Raiders players checking into Napa for the start of training camp on Thursday.

But head coach Lane Kiffin doesn't seem too bothered by the absence of his heralded rookie, who remains at his home some 2,400 miles away in Mobile, Ala.

"We have a lot of time," said Kiffin, who did not call Russell a holdout. "We're moving along very quickly but at the same time we're doing things in the best interest for our future as well. We don't have anything mandatory till tomorrow morning, so as far as guys being here they're all showing up at different times."

Kiffin set a 7 a.m. mandatory team meeting for Friday morning and said that no players would be considered late to camp if they report by then.

But with negotiations between the Raiders and Russell still ongoing, it's unlikely Russell will attend the meeting. The rookie quarterback is said to be seeking a deal in the $60 million range while Oakland is trying to come in under that number.

The Raiders did announce the signings of third-round picks Quentin Moses and Johnnie Lee Higgins. Tight end Zach Miller, the team's second round pick who is also unsigned, joined Russell as the most notable no-shows.

"We're making a lot of progress right now with all of them and extremely close on some," Kiffin said. "But we are expecting everybody to be in camp. We'd like everybody to be here tomorrow when we start practicing."

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