Raiders work out under the lights

Lane Kiffin wants to make sure the Raiders don't wear down under the Northern California sunshine. For that reason, the team held its first of eight evening practices Saturday night under the lights at their facilities in Napa.

After holding a two-hour morning workout, the Raiders were given an eight-hour break between practices. They spent the time in meetings and resting up before taking the field for the 7 p.m. session.

"They have two meals between and after researching, it was the best thing for their health and to be able to get them to practice at the level we want them to," Kiffin said.

The team worked out in pads for the first time during the morning practice then went to shells (helmets and shorts) in the evening. Two banks of portable lights flanked the fields and were on the entire practice, though they weren't really needed until halfway through the workout.

Veteran safety Donovin Darius likes the split practices, having gone through a similar schedule in Jacksonville.

"What it does is you give guys two meals before each practice so they get a chance to hydrate plus put in fuel and get in more rest time," Darius said. "You go through the same type of soreness, that never goes away, it doesn't matter if you space it out three days apart. But camp is camp. You tell the big guys so hopefully they don't eat so much before the second practice. But for the most part guys will adapt pretty good."

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