Sapp a jester and vocal leader

When Warren Sapp decides to retire, he'll probably have plenty of offers to get into the entertainment business. Until then, the Raiders' seven-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle is content making Oakland's training camp fields his own personal stage.

Warren Sapp was at his best on Thursday. He playfully joked with wide receiver Mike Williams about Williams' weight, jawed with visiting NFL referees after they threw a flag on Oakland's defense, then jumped up and down repeatedly after missing an interception during a goal line drill.

Just a typical training camp day in the life of the Raiders' most colorful and entertaining player.

"Just having fun," Sapp said after practice. "This is my sanctuary. Who else gets to go to work and do what I do?"

He is the team's resident court jester, a mile-a-minute laugh factory. There's also a serious side to Sapp on the field, as well. Just ask Sam Williams, who got an earful from Sapp after a botched play early in training camp.

The referees also got Sapped. The crew of four officials made their first visit to the Raiders' training camp facilities and called penalties during team scrimmages. Sapp took offense at one particular call when teammate Jay Richardson was called for being offside.

"The refs got me a little irate today," Sapp said. "They always send me the dude I have problems with over the years. He cost me about $30,000 one time, just flat-footed lied on me."

Williams got his own taste. The hefty wide receiver is trying to shed some pounds but Sapp isn't cutting him any slack. "Just because you write down 247 doesn't make it true," Sapp called across the field to Williams, who laughed.

Sapp might have wanted to take on himself after missing an interception at the goal line. Quarterback Andrew Walter threw a pass over the middle that caught Sapp by surprise, the ball bouncing out of his hands and landing on the turf. Sapp then jumped up and down in frustration.

"I extremely welcome the energy as long as the energy matches the play and he's been doing that so far out here," coach Lane Kiffin said. "What we don't want out here is wasted energy and all of a sudden the guy's not playing on the field. But Warren's been great. He's practicing extremely hard out here and finishing plays and giving us exactly what we need that way. The rest of it when you put that together is great for us."

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