Kiffin eyes accountability at Raiders' camp

Lane Kiffin is making a point to his players when they mess up in practice and it's a message he wants to make sure they get loud and clear.

Throughout the first week of training camp, the Raiders head coach has marched back and forth from both practice fields, going from drill to drill so he can get a read on each unit. When someone jumps offsides, gets called for a false start, or runs the wrong route, they can expect to hear from Kiffin -- that is, after he's yanked them out of the drill.

Rookie fullback Oren O'Neal got pulled from a scrimmage earlier in the week. Reserve offensive lineman Mark Wilson got the same treatment. So, too, did veterans Jake Grove and Josh McCown after they botched a snap exchange.

Expect that approach to continue, says Kiffin.

"I just think that's the way you do it," Kiffin said. "If a guy has a penalty or a guy false starts or is offsides on defense and you just go to the next play then why shouldn't I do it, false start if I'm the right guard, left guard? They need to feel something so they get pulled out. Eventually they get back in but its something added that they know. If the snap is bad, the center and quarterback are out. You just have to put an emphasis on it or what do you expect to get?"

ROOKIE TE SHINES: Second-round draft pick Zach Miller had his best day of camp, hauling in four touchdowns, including a diving reception in the end zone in front of linebacker Thomas Howard on a pass from McCown.

Sapp has already called Miller the best tight end in Oakland's training camp, and Kiffin said the rookie has impressed both with his receiving and blocking.

"He's everything we thought as far as competitor, the way he works, the way he is in the classroom," Kiffin said. "Rarely ever does he make a mental mistake. You gotta be careful because you're starting to feel like he's not a rookie, he's been here a long time. But we still have to make sure that we're going through all the steps we would with another rookie."

CULPEPPER MAKING STRIDES: Daunte Culpepper looked noticeably more comfortable during his second day of practice with the Raiders, and Kiffin said it's only a matter of time before he'll start getting the same amount of work with the offense as McCown and Andrew Walter.

Culpepper saved his best throw of the day for the last, launching a long touchdown pass to wide receiver Alvis Whitted toward the end of practice.

JANIKOWSKI KICKS: The Raiders haven't done much special teams work so far, and what little they've done has been focused primarily on the punt and return units. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski has done most of his work off to the side, on the other hand.

On Thursday, Kiffin had Janikowski end scrimmage drills with field goal attempts. He made good on all the kicks, the last of which was a 50-yarder that split the uprights with ease.

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