McCown a starter for a day

Josh McCown will be the Raiders' starting quarterback for Saturday's preseason game against Arizona but he isn't reading too much into it. With more than a month to go until the regular season begins, McCown is taking nothing for granted.

"It's nice for now (but) it's something that I plant to build upon," Josh McCown said. "I'm excited about the opportunity, and to help the team bring some consistency to the quarterback position. Right now I'm gonna get the shot to do that, and that's my plan."

Oakland coach Lane Kiffin made the announcement after the first of two scheduled practices Wednesday. Andrew Walter, who started eight games for the Raiders a year ago, will be McCown's backup while veteran Daunte Culpepper -- signed earlier this week -- will also play.

"The three of them will play evenly, for the most part," Kiffin said. "We'll try as best we can. Sometimes the reps won't be exactly even … but for the most part they will play evenly."

Kiffin reached his decision earlier in the week but held off making an announcement until he had a chance to speak to the quarterbacks.

Further muddying things is that No. 1 overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell is unsigned and not in camp. Four days before the game against Arizona, Kiffin indicated the two sides were not close to reaching an agreement.

"At this point it's going to be hard for JaMarcus to be ready to be effective for this team," McCown said. "So for us, my mindset, you don't really kind of worry about,. ‘Are you going to lose your job?' I'm focusing on being the starter on this team and help leading this team in the right direction.

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