Kiffin out; Raiders' practice not the same

The Raiders might be without coach Lane Kiffin for a few days after he was hospitalized Monday with a viral infection.

Kiffin, 32, had been feeling ill for a few days, according to offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, but was with the team for its preseason win over Arizona on Saturday in Kiffin's first NFL game as a head coach. Kiffin supervised staff meetings on Sunday but his condition worsened overnight and he was taken to the Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa after waking up Monday.

"This morning when he woke up, from what I understand, he was feeling under the weather," Knapp said. "(It‘s) something he's been fighting for the last two or three days. I had a little bit of sinus infection myself so it's one of those things, I think, that just passed through camp."

A team spokesman said the Raiders were still awaiting updates on Kiffin's condition, but a source close to Kiffin said he expects the head coach to be in the hospital "two or three days."

With Kiffin out, Knapp and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan presided over practice on Monday. The workout, Oakland's first since beating Arizona, appeared much more loose but slightly disorganized compared to previous practices. At one point, defensive tackle Warren Sapp commented the players were "running around like chickens with our heads cut off."

Knapp saw it differently but understood the significance of missing Kiffin, whose piercing voice was noticeably absent from practice.

"We may have missed a little of the enthusiasm and the competition thing that goes on every now and then, but maybe that was a good thing for the players two days after a game to let them rest up a little bit," Knapp said. "Lane's been real good about delegating and giving responsibility to Rob and myself to help coordinate together. He even told us last night, ‘Hey Greg, why don't you plan out the next three days here of training camp before we get in preparation for the San Francisco game.'"

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said it was a unique situation not having the head coach at practice.

"A lot of guys were talking during stretch and it's a first for everybody," cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. "We hope he's all right."

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