Raiders end Napa camp to laughs

Jerry Porter wearing No. 78? Warren Sapp running pass patterns? Just some good-natured fun during the Raiders' final training camp practice under the lights Thursday evening.

While the bulk of the near-two hour workout was serious, and included a 30-yard touchdown pass from Andrew Walter to Ronald Curry, there were several light-hearted moments and one not-so-light.

At one point, Oakland's defensive backs began juggling a ball back and forth in a game of Hot Potato. At the same time, the Raiders defensive linemen lined up at the goal line and ran pass patterns while defensive line coach Keith Millard fired throws downfield. Sapp caught most of the passes his way, save for one which bounced off the top of Sapp's helmet.

Anttaj Hawthorne wasn't as fortunate. One of Millard's passes hit Hawthorne squarely in the nether regions, causing the young defensive tackle to double over in obvious pain while his teammates and fans on the sidelines broke out in laughter. Sapp walked over and picked up the football then hit Hawthorne in the helmet, setting off even more laughter.

Porter wearing Chad Slaughter's jersey was equally amusing considering Porter is 6-foot-2 and weighs 220 pounds while Slaughter -- who hasn't practiced in weeks -- checks in at a svelte 6-8, 340.

Oakland did make one roster move, signing tackle Torrin Tucker. Tucker started 23 games for Dallas from 2004-05.

The Raiders will have meet on their Napa training camp fields one last time for a walkthrough Friday morning before officially breaking camp. The team will move back to its headquarters in Alameda for the remainder of the preseason.

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