Raiders cut first wave of 2007

Two days before NFL teams are required to trim their rosters to 75 players in the first wave of mandatory cuts, the Raiders released seven players on Sunday. None of the moves were surprising or unexpected.

Tackles Torrin Tucker and Albert Toeaina, wide receivers Rich Parson and Lauren Williams, defensive tackle Jared Clauss and defensive backs Levonne Rowan and Colin Branch were all let go by the team prior to the team's first practice since beating St. Louis on Friday night.

The Raiders still need to release three more players to reach the 75-player limit. Oakland could have waited until Tuesday to make any cuts but chose to do so earlier for various reasons.

"There's a number of things that go into that, of why you do that," Kiffin said Sunday. "One of them obviously is guys can get hurt and put you in different situations once they're injured. It was just a decision. We still have some more people to release but it was a situation to let those seven guys go this morning." Kiffin also said the team wasn't in a position to ‘hide ‘players in its final preseason game that it will potentially wave in order to bring them back on the practice squad.

"There's always a lot into how you play these guys, when you play them, where you play them because of that," Kiffin said. "I really wish we had more of that problem. You'd really like to be in a situation where you're cutting players who are really good players. That's when you're really good. Those are good problems to have. I don't think we have very many of those problems, unfortunately."

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