Newberry hamstrung

Jeremy Newberry's hamstring injury is likely to sideline the veteran center for Sunday's game in Denver and possibly longer, meaning the Raiders will continue to lean on Jake Grove.

Jeremy Newberry injured himself on the third play of the Raiders' loss to Detroit when his foot slipped on the infield turf at the Oakland Coliseum.

"Frustrating as hell," said Newberry, who beat out Jake Grove for the starting job after a long battle that began in the offseason.

"Never hurt a hammie in my life. Didn't know I had one."

Newberry's biggest concern had been his surgically repaired knees, but according to the veteran center both held up just fine in his brief appearance on the field. His hamstring, however, caused serious pain, so much so that Newberry never heard the call for a shotgun formation on his final play. The snap from Newberry never reached quarterback Josh McCown but Oakland recovered the muffed exchange.

Newberry then limped off the field and was helped onto a trainer's table for treatment before shutting it down for the afternoon.

"I think (in) a couple weeks I'll be fine," Newberry said. "Depends on how it does the rest of the week. (I) hope it gets better in a hurry."

In the meantime the Raiders will turn to Grove, their starting center last season who replaced Newberry in the first quarter Sunday and played the remainder of the game against Detroit.

"Jake does give us some things that will help in certain match-ups better than Jeremy," Oakland coach Lane Kiffin said. "Jake does give us quicker off the ball and quicker to be able to reach people. As we get into playing some guys that aren't as big and powerful … Jake will actually help us at times better than Jeremy would."

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