Oakland - Denver quotebook

The Raiders lost thier fifth straight against the Broncos, although head coach Lane Kiffin thought he chalked up his first victory of his porfessional career.

Denver Coach Mike Shanahan:

On Calling the Timeout before the Raiders' Overtime Field Goal:

"I just told them [the officials] I was going to call a timeout before hand. I told them that as they were lining up I was going to call it. I had plenty of time – there were probably about two seconds before he did it [K Sebastian Janikowski kicked]."

On the Raiders run defense:

"The bottom line when you take a look at the end of the day, you're going to give up some of those yards, sometimes when you're playing seven-man fronts. You still want to play better, and I think we can keep an offense off balance with what we're doing. I don't know how many yards they had…we need to work on that."

Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin:

On the end of the Game:

"I really did think that the game was over and we had won, but just like anything else, you have to take half a minute to get your defense back out on the filed and perform. Nobody was aware of the timeout."

Denver quarterback Jay Cutler:

On the time-out at the end:

"Yeah, I saw the official blowing it dead, and (Janikowski) drilled that one, didn't he? I mean that's Coach Shanahan, being in the league for a long time and knowing when to use timeouts and when not to. He used it at a great time and kind of iced him over, and he knocked it off the goal post. So it gave us an opportunity. "

On having a tough day at the office:

"Kind of, you'd like to make it an easier day at the office, but we're having fun out there. We jumped out to an early lead and let them back in to the game with that pick, they took back for six. We've got to go back and look at the film and get better, but we are winning ball games and that is the most important part."

Denver safety John Lynch:

On the timeout before the missed FG:

"I was standing there right with him and he told Mr Boston, the side judge that we were going to call a timeout but he sure took it to the last second and I thought we might have missed it but he did call it and the guy did blow his wistle but again we do take it down to the last second."

Denver defensive tackle Amon Gordon:

On defense giving up rushing yards:

"I think we played well within the framework of what we were trying to do. Of course it's the NFL and those guys get paid as well and they want to attack the edges of our defense sometimes and I feel like for the most part we rallied well and we tried to get them into long yardage situations where we could rush the passer on third down and get the quarterback on the ground and get the receiver for a short gain and get off the field and turn the ball over to our offense and for the most part I think we did a great job of doing that and it turned out well for us."

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