Inside the Cleveland camp

The talk of the town in Cleveland is centered on the Oakland Raiders defense. We caught up with Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski and head coach Romeo Crennel to talk about what challenges the Raiders defense will present, as well as their own defensive struggles.

On whether he can assume Oakland's defense playing eight-in-the-box:

Rob Chudzinski: Yes, I think most teams have a personality with what they'll play and what they'll do defensively. Oakland is that way anyhow. They're going to put extra guys up in there. That's what they do.

On Oakland's defense:

Rob Chudzinski: They have an excellent defense. I think they finished third last year defensively in the league. They're stout up front. They have great pass rushers. They get great pass rush and push out of their front four. They've been able to stop the run. Like I said, they put an extra guy in the box and they are outstanding outside at corner. They can cover guys man-to-man all over the field. It's going to be a heck of a challenge for us offensively, to match-up and be able to execute against that kind of defense.

On whether Oakland ranks between the Steelers and Bengals talent-wise:

Rob Chudzinski: I wouldn't really rank them in terms (of) comparing to those other teams. I know they have outstanding talent.

On why Oakland's defense hasn't played well:

Rob Chudzinski: They've gotten off to a slow start. But again, it's the same people that I've seen and the same defense that they were doing last season. From that standpoint, like I said, it's a heck of a challenge for us.

On the upcoming game with the Raiders:

Romeo Crennel: We need to play good football. I talked to them about solid, sound football and that's what it needs to be. If we do that, then we'll give ourselves the best chance. Each Sunday is a different day in the NFL. You never can tell what will happen. You try to prepare yourself the best you can, so that the guys will know what they have to do, know their responsibilities and then they can go and execute their responsibilities. That's what we're trying to do the next couple days here until we get on the plane and head out there.

On whether he has seen DE Jay Richardson play and whether he can fill in for DE Derrick Burgess if he can't go:

Romeo Crennel: He did play some (in the preseason) but I think this is one of the games that if Burgess can play, he's going to be there. I think they're probably resting him to give him a better opportunity to play. Just from what I know about him, if he can go, he will be there.

On whether he has found any ‘legitimate' reasons as to why the Browns have allowed 10 passing TDs in the first two games:

Romeo Crennel: I don't think there are ever any legitimate reasons for giving up touchdowns on defense, particularly the number we have given up in two games. It's not very good and we're going to have to do a whole lot better to give ourselves the best chance to win games in this league. We're working on it. We're trying to do better and we have to do better.

On whether he has seen any similarities in the two games to understand why they have allowed 10 passing TDs:

Romeo Crennel: Well, you let them throw it over your head – that's the similarity I see. We cannot allow the ball to be thrown over our heads. That's one of the things that we've been working on – to stay deep, know what our responsibility is. If they have to complete them make them complete them in front of us, so that we have a chance to come up and make the tackle. Then we're going to have to be good tacklers if that's the case.

On whether touchbacks are the best defense against WR/KR Josh Cribbs:

Romeo Crennel: I would think so. If (K Sebastian Janikowski) kicks it in the end zone, then we get it at the 20 (yard line). You can't do anything else about it, unless you want to try and run it out of the end zone and that's not good percentages.

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