Raiders Notebook: Trading places

Ice the kicker was a ploy used against his club. Lane Kiffin found it to be a masterful plan. JaMarcus Russell is taking extra reps to catch up. Andrew Walter to be traded? The Raiders look stupid?

Raiders coach Lane Kiffin, taking a page from Mike Shanahan in Week 2, called a late timeout, which negated a would-be 40-yard field goal from Phil Dawson. Dawson's next kick was blocked by Tommy Kelly, securing the win for the Raiders.

The previous week, Shanahan did the same thing to Sebastian Janikowski, erasing a 52-yard field goal. Janikowski's follow-up struck the upright.

With Cleveland set up for a game-winning field-goal attempt, Kiffin made like Shanahan. He told the official he was going to call timeout, and was informed he would have to make sure he signaled in time.

"I was getting a little nervous there watching it, because you don't want to snap it because the guy is not going to call it," Kiffin said. "I went about a second before I wanted to, but it worked out."

No. 1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell is going through an extra Tuesday session each week to get up to speed. Russell was placed on the 53-man roster after a two-game exemption and will be in uniform for the first time when the Raiders visit Miami.

"A lot of it is to catch up on what I missed," Russell said. "It will be nice to wear a uniform. I'm tired of wearing sweatpants all day."

Andrew Walter, the former Arizona State star whose tenure as the Raiders quarterback of the future lasted two seasons, is still awaiting his fate even after the activation of Russell.

The Raiders have been attempting to deal Walter to an unknown suitor, but an injury to starter Josh McCown may delay Walter's departure.

McCown hurt his foot in the win over Cleveland, and while the Raiders await word on how serious the injury is, they'll keep four quarterbacks on the roster.

Earlier, Walter hung around because the club couldn't come to an agreement on a contract with Russell.

"Sometimes things are just unlucky for a guy," Kiffin said. "In a way, (Andrew) is not having good luck with JaMarcus' holdout and now a trade possibility coming up and Josh's injury maybe sets that back. He understands. He also could be winning the game Sunday for us as well."

Randy Moss is the first receiver in league history to break 100 yards in his first three games with a new team. With 22 receptions for 403 yards and five touchdowns, Moss is just 150 yards short of his season yardage total with the Raiders last season and has three more touchdowns.

The Raiders traded Moss for a fourth-round draft pick, which they used to select cornerback John Bowie. Bowie has been inactive all three games.

"We don't look very smart right now, do we?" Kiffin said. "Randy's playing great. Would he have been putting up those numbers here? I don't know. We'll never know. Like I said months ago, we wish Randy nothing but the best of luck, and he's coming through for them."

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