Writing on the wall

Lane Kiffin says you can tell a lot from a player's body language. If that's true, then quarterback Andrew Walter's body language spoke volumes on Thursday when he and the rest of the Raiders checked out for the bye week.

Walter, who has been the subject of trade rumors for the past two weeks, dressed alongside Josh McCown and Daunte Culpepper. With music blaring from across the locker room, Walter slipped on his shoes then waved to a few teammates before stopping and coming back to give McCown a brief hug.

It was a friendly hug, the kind exchanged by friends who either haven't seen each other in a long time or who don't plan on seeing each other for a while. In this case, it's likely the latter.

With the Raiders needing to free up a roster space to make room for running back Dominic Rhodes' return from suspension, Walter is the logical player to go.

Since training camp Kiffin has repeated that he has no intention of keeping four quarterbacks. McCown and Culpepper are both still vying for the starting job while rookie JaMarcus Russell continues to learn the offense.

Ironically, it was Walter who began the offseason as Oakland's starting quarterback. Eight months later, it appears his career with the Raiders is close to the end.

"I've been talking to him through this whole thing," Kiffin said. "Sometimes things are just unlucky for a guy.

"In a way, he's not having very good luck with JaMarcus' holdout and now a trade possibility coming up and Josh's injury set that back. He understands. It is what it is. He also could be winning the game for us Sunday as well."

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