Oakland safeties tackle problem area

Safeties Stuart Schweigert and Michael Huff were also easy targets for critics this week, with their tackling problems being the primary issue most people had.

As Lane Kiffin pointed out, however, there are different types of missed tackles.

Fabian Washington's open-field whiff against LaDainian Tomlinson is one. Stuart Schweigert and Michael Huff coming up in support after a running back has slipped past the defensive line and linebackers is another.

Still, it should be noted that both players spent time after practice on Thursday working on their tackling techniques. With an assistant coach holding a blocking bag, both players went through their reads and drops before coming up and tackling the bag.

Not sure how that will translate into games but at least the two are working on it, which is a lot more than other players in the past with similar problems have done.

Tackling in the league as a whole is a lost art and few players are truly as proficient in it as one would expect from NFL athletes.

For the record, through five games Huff was second on the Raiders with 28 tackles (26 solos) while Schweigert was fourth with 25 (21 solos), according to NFL.com. Linebacker Kirk Morrison leads Oakland with 33.

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