An honest look

Following an excruciating 12-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Lane Kiffin met with the team and figured honesty was the best policy.

"Today is tell the truth (day)," Kiffin said. "We tell it how it is, bad or good, on all sides of the ball with the players specifically."

The truth is that the Raiders, who were actually percentage points in first place in the AFC West at 2-2 after the bye week, have now fallen into fourth place after taking their divisional medicine from San Diego and Kansas City.

They've lost 17 consecutive games within the division, which made the Chiefs' result seem all but inevitable.

That is one "truth" Kiffin has no intention of recognizing, not when he is attempting to get his team to take control of games in the fourth quarter.

It is a skill that is difficult to identify because it can happen in so many ways, but the fact is, if the Raiders had it, they'd be the talk of the NFL instead of serving in a recurring role as an also-ran.

In five of the Raiders' six games, they have held the lead in the fourth quarter. Only once, a 35-17 win over Miami, did they come out on top.

"That's not something where, `oh, we have 50 things to fix, and here we go again, it's the same old Raiders or whatever team you happen to be,' " Kiffin said. "I don't believe that is it.

"As poor as our offense was (Sunday), to be 15 yards from a game-winning field goal at the end, it shows that if you play that way, you can still be in games," Kiffin said.

The Raiders got improved play on defense and special teams but came up woefully short on offense because of an inability to run the ball.

It was in that area that Oakland's vision of an AFC West win did not materialize.

"Like we talked about Saturday and Sunday, the storyline was going to be the Raiders defense shutting down Kansas City and we did it the majority of the game until that one drive, and then the offense didn't do its part," Kiffin said.

Running back LaMont Jordan found himself in the position of having to answer questions similar to the ones he heard since joining the Raiders as a free agent in 2004.

Jordan is 0-5 against the Chiefs, 0-15 against the AFC West and 8-29 overall.

"It's another one of those tough pills to swallow," Jordan said. "It's just another game that you look at you say to yourself, `Hey, we should have won, we could have won, and we didn't,' " Jordan said. "It's been that way since I've been a Raider. It's one of those things that I'm really sick of. It's not something you can really talk about and change. It's something you have to go out there and make it happen. We're close. We just haven't gotten it done."

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