Kiffin disappointed with Raiders' offense

Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin was mystified by his team's lack of discipline in Sunday's loss to Tennessee, noting it can't happen again if the Silver and Black has any hope of winning. He also wouldn't blame the loss on Daunte Culpepper.

Opening statement:

Lane Kiffin: Obviously a very disappointing loss for our defense. They played great today and every thing we talked about all week, and what we needed to do on how to win that game, our defense did it. Special teams kept us in it.

You can't play offense like that and win. That's no secret. Penalties unbelievable. I don't know how many offensive penalties, I'm going to guess 11 offensive penalties today. They hurt the special teams. Just crucial penalties.

We knew this team was not a drive the length of the field team. They had only done it two times all year. Starting at the 20 and going the whole length of the field. Thirty-first in the league at doing that. When you are going to punt, the difference of 10 yards on a penalty, I think there were seven plays between special teams and offense there were three penalties between seven snaps. So I need to get this offense fixed. We need to play more disciplined and that all starts with me.

On going with Josh McCown at quarterback:

Lane Kiffin: I didn't think about going to Josh (McCown). Going into the game, Josh isn't at 100 percent. He can do some things but we felt that we were going to go with Daunte (Culpepper). Daunte wasn't false starting. Daunte wasn't hitting people in the back. Daunte wasn't holding. Daunte didn't drop the last pass. There are some things Daunte did there. He did some things well.

On what else can be done to improve:

Lane Kiffin: Play more disciplined. You can't have penalties like that. You guys have been around this team. Definitely there are going to be issues on the road in first and twenty or second and twenty-two and in situations like that. You can't do that and it's a shame we went on the road and did it. It happened to us before, more penalties on the road than at home. It happened again today. I didn't even think the crowd was a factor until late. It was kind of a late arriving crowd and there are no excuses to be made.

On if there was an injury to Culpepper who would come in:

Lane Kiffin: Josh (McCown).

On any consolation for having penalties and staying in the game:

Lane Kiffin: No. That's getting old. It happened last week too. Same thing. No consolation.

On the defense containing Vince Young:

Lane Kiffin: I thought our defense swarmed the ball. We knew we were going to miss some tackles at times on him (Vince Young:

, he was going to get loose and we had to stay on our coverage forever. We had to run to the ball. You saw guys flying to the sidelines. Warren (Sapp) chasing him down all the way down the sideline. That play was great and that is what you have to do against that guy.

On Jay Richardson's performance:

Lane Kiffin: We will go back and look at the film. Seems like he did all right. I thought Derrick (Burgess) had some really good plays and Tommy Kelly had a really good tackle.

On Tommy Kelly's injury:

Lane Kiffin: His knee. Obviously you guys know Cornell Green got a knee and we don't know the severity of it and that didn't help.

On how much the offensive line hurt the momentum:

Lane Kiffin: I think I kind of addressed that. I think we both were penalized offensively and that's very disappointing.

On changing things at mid season:

Lane Kiffin: You have got to look at everything. Look at the play calls that I am making, look at the formations, look at when it is happening. It's like all year, on third down is where we've had all of our turnovers. All of our interceptions have been on third downs. A number of our third down penalties have been on third downs and there are some more things.

On could more have been done against the run:

Lane Kiffin: You can always do more. You can always get a turnover here and turnover there and get the ball. The defense played plenty well to win that game.

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