Raiders finish draws smile from Kiffin

Simply beating the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday wasn't the only reason Lane Kiffin was smiling Monday. It was how the Raiders won made the biggest impact on Oakland's head coach.

There was no fourth-quarter collapse, no blown lead, no critical turnovers in crucial situations. With relatively few exceptions, Oakland stayed out of its own way and the players avoided tripping over themselves as they had so frequently before.

"The style that we finished in was the most satisfying of the three wins this year … because it was a finishing style that's exactly the way you want it to be," Kiffin said. "It's the first time (we) took a knee on offense. Every one's great when get ‘em, but they are different, and you learn different things from ‘em. And this was one that you hoped you build on, because the confidence the way it happened."

The Raiders ended their 17-game losing streak against AFC West teams and a nine-game skid against Kansas City with what was their best fourth-quarter performance of the season.

Oakland used a crisp, three-play drive to score the go-ahead touchdown on Justin Fargas' 14-yard run with 9:34 remaining then stuffed the Chiefs' on a 4th-and-1 play at the Raiders' 23-yard line.

Then the offense milked the final 4:22 off the clock by going right at the heart of Kansas City's defense. Running back Justin Fargas ripped off two consecutive runs for first downs, Daunte Culpepper hit Ronald Curry for another first down, then Fargas later put the game on ice with a 21-yard gain on 3rd-and-11.

"You can't draw it up any better," Kiffin said. "The more you do it the more it becomes the norm, it becomes who they are and becomes their belief system in what they can do, and it becomes what they expect to happen.

"For us who are new (in Oakland) it felt like we hadn't won a divisional game in forever. We lost one to Kansas City so I can imagine what it was like for our players and organization. It's a step in the right direction but it doesn't mean much if we don't go out and play well this week."

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