Russell will play this Sunday for the Raiders

JaMarcus Russell spent all of Sunday afternoon standing in the sidelines on Lambeau Field but that won't happen when the Raiders face the Colts.

Oakland coach Lane Kiffin said that the No. 1 overall pick in the draft will definitely play against Indianapolis, though he won't start.

Just who will start is unknown. Josh McCown and Daunte Culpepper are both nursing injuries. McCown started against the Packers and passed for 110 yards and one touchdown but completed only 7 of 15 throws.

JaMarcus Russell, whose only appearance this season came Dec. 2 against Denver when he played two series in the second quarter, will get more reps in practice this week in anticipation of playing against the Colts.

"Since the last time he played I planned on playing him when we got back here for this game," Kiffin said. "The length of that role I haven't determined yet. But he'll play and we've got a bunch to figure out with the other guys. How's Josh going to feel when he goes out to practice Wednesday and how's Daunte going to feel. So I don't have an answer for the order of them or anything like that."

Kiffin contemplated putting Russell in against the Packers but with the way the Raiders' offense was playing, coupled with the 18-degree weather, the decision was made to keep Russell out for another week.

Kiffin defended the decision Monday, a day after the 38-7 loss to Green Bay dropped Oakland to 4-9.

"One, (the way) that game's going, we're not playing well," Kiffin said. "We're not making plays, we're not moving the ball. Our quarterback's getting hit in the game. The running game's not going, so he doesn't have a good running game around him. That's a big difference than the last game. And then on top of that, the kid's never played a cold-weather game in his life and he sat on the sidelines for, at that time, about 2 1/2 hours. So I thought about it, and figured this was the best thing to do. And then today it's a no-brainer, that was the best thing to do."

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