Kiffin wraps up season with more questions

Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin met with his team on Monday and laid out the plans for the team's offseason and future. What exactly was said isn't known but Kiffin discussed several other issues with reporters on Monday as he concluded his first season in Oakland.

Most prominent was the future of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who came under increasing criticism as the season progressed.

Like he did last week, Kiffin sidestepped questions about Ryan but notably missing was a vote of confidence from the head coach.

"We haven't made any decisions yet," Kiffin said. "Those will come out pretty soon. We're still going to get all the information in and get it all together before we make any changes. We're going to do everything we can to put us in the best position to win."

Other topics discussed by Kiffin:

· A potential position change for strong safety Michael Huff: "We'll look at some things in the offseason. I'd rather not get into what that is exactly right now. But we're going to look at some different things with Michael."

· The possibility of franchising cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who will be a free agent: "There are a couple of possibilities there. We're still dealing with his agent (on) a couple of different scenarios as far as length of contract or whether we go that route. But we definitely want him back here and we are going to make sure he is on our team

· Rumors of Warren Sapp's retirement: "I have talked to Warren. I am not going to comment on that until Warren talks to you guys. Warren has already made it known what he's doing but I'm not going to take that from him. He'll tell you guys whenever he's ready."

· Robert Gallery's move to guard: "I do think definitely that's the best position for him. With Rob, what we've got to continue to work on is about decision making. Too many poor penalties and we've got to get that fixed, with the penalties between he and Barry. But he played well. And another thing we talked about was not listening to what other people said before. A number of people said before 'how much does he love football?' and all those things that you guys have heard about him for years. He loves football now. This guy loves playing football and he's tough as can be. So anybody that ever thought that before was wrong from what I've seen in a year and I'm glad we have him. And I know the players around him really respect him and what he brings every single day. I've never heard the guy in 11 months of being with him complain about one thing."

· The likelihood of squeezing another season out of center Jeremy Newberry: "I don't know. We'll look at it and talk to him. He knows himself better than anybody. You always have to watch Jeremy in the offseason, how much you work him and so forth. We'll have a conversation with him and see where he is too and how he feels about doing it again.

· Tommy Kelly's rehab from a knee injury: "Tommy's going real well. He's been working extremely hard and I know he's extremely excited and hopefully we get this thing done and get Tommy here for a long time."

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