Raiders Free Agency Outlook: Tyler Brayton

With the retirement of Warren Sapp, will the Oakland Raiders bring back Tyler Brayton? Inconsistent play and lack of a true position has hurt his development and the Raiders might find him more appealing than other teams.

Tyler Brayton

2007 in review: Played sparingly on defense, mostly in goal-line situations or to occasionally give starters Warren Sapp and Gerard Warren breathers.

Grade: D+

Market interest level: Tepid

Raiders interest level: Medium

Al Davis hates to admit he made a mistake, and even though the former first-round pick has been a disappointment, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him back, particularly now that Warren Sapp's retirement has left Oakland with another gap to fill on its defensive line.

Brayton's development and maturation has been stunted by the team's inability to find him one set position. They've had the former Colorado standout line up at defensive end, outside linebacker and defensive tackle in his five seasons.

While he was a total bust at linebacker, Brayton has only been marginally productive on the defensive line.

At 6-foot-6, 280-pounds, he's too lanky and lacks the power to be an effective tackle and his lack of consistent speed hurt him at defensive end. Still, he could be utilized strictly as a third-down pass-rusher, but the Raiders already have enough speedy ends to rush the quarterback.

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