Kiffin asked to resign?

When the word going around was that the Raiders were ready to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, the franchise was quick to send out a terse statement denying the rumors and called the reports irresponsible. Yet amid reports that head coach Lane Kiffin has been asked to resign by owner Al Davis, the team has been eerily quiet in response.

According to reports on both ESPN and the NFL Network, Davis recently sent a letter to the 32-year-old head coach asking him to resign. What has caused the rift between the two men is unknown but the situation has apparently reached the point of no return.

"I think so, at this point," said a team source familiar with the situation. "It's crazy."

Two weeks ago Pro Football Weekly cited sources within the NFL that Kiffin was likely on his way out in Oakland and that the two sides were quietly working on an exit strategy.

The report said that Davis was upset with Kiffin for allegedly seeking out job openings in Arkansas and Michigan.

Kiffin has also reportedly been unhappy with his situation, part of which may have to do with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Shortly after the team's season-ending 30-17 loss to San Diego on Dec. 30, there were reports that Ryan would be fired by the Raiders at Kiffin's request.

That's when the team sent out the memo decrying the rumors of Ryan's impending departure. Then earlier this week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., both Kiffin and Ryan denied there were any problems between the two.

Now comes the latest twist in what has been a bizarre offseason for the Raiders, who have yet to publicly address the Kiffin situation. If the team was as adamant about keeping Kiffin as it was with Ryan, then why hasn't there been a response sent out addressing the rumors?

Granted, rumors are rumors and Ryan, despite all the innuendo flying around about him, remains as the team's defensive coordinator. But with this franchise, where there's smoke there's usually fire and the Kiffin situation isn't likely to go away any time soon.

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