Walker, Kiffin differ on retirement issue

Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker says any talk of his retirement is a "done issue" but head coach Lane Kiffin isn't so sure.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Walker informed the team of his desire to retire on Thursday and offered to give back his $11 million signing bonus as well. But Davis, the Raiders' 79-year-old owner who has been attending training camp for the past several days, reportedly met with Walker and convinced the veteran receiver to stay.

Following the team's evening practice Saturday, Kiffin confirmed that Walker initially approached him about retiring and that he sent the veteran wide receiver to meet with Davis to discuss.

"It was a conversation where Javon came in, talked to me, expressed it was something he was thinking about doing and a direction he may want to go," Kiffin said. "So I told him to take a little bit of time. Go back to his room, talk to people close to him, then I put him in touch with Al. They had a conversation, and then Javon came back the next morning, and said he wanted to keep going."

Walker, who took part in his first two-a-day practice of training camp, seemed oblivious to the situation.

"That's a done issue," Walker said. "That was something, I'm not really sure what happened but that's a done issue. That's something that obviously people hear stuff … I'm here practicing, waiting, and (I) obviously can't wait till the season starts.

"I'm in a great frame of mind. Why wouldn't I? I'm with a new team, a great bunch of guys. As far as me being young, that's a done issue, that's far from my mind. I'm looking forward to getting this season on the road and actually looking forward to going into next week and try to put everything together as a team and as an offense."

Kiffin, though, isn't so ready to put the quick-fix spin on it. Unlike Walker, the Raiders head coach said he's concerned the issue could linger.

"I worry a lot about it," Kiffin said. "For someone to discuss retirement, and then to come back and change his mind a day later. I'm worried a lot about it. I'm worried about where he's at mentally, because these things happen sometimes and they come back up again, because maybe they come back and maybe it isn't necessarily for the right reasons, so we're going to continue to communicate with him and push him out there on the field and get him better."

Walker has not been playing up to expectations in training camp, though Kiffin refused to blame it on the attack in Las Vegas in which Walker was beaten, robbed and left unconscious on a city street.

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