McFadden, Fargas not practicing

Darren McFadden didn't practice Wednesday and neither did Justin Fargas. For most teams, especially one with an offense centered around the running game, that might be disastrous. The Raiders don't seem to be sweating much, not with a healthy Michael Bush still available.

McFadden, who rushed for 164 yards and a touchdown and helped spark Oakland's 23-8 win over Kansas City in only his second NFL game last week, came out to practice wearing a protective boot on his right foot, courtesy of the turf toe injury he suffered against the Chiefs.

Fargas, meanwhile, walked out to practice dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Sidelined by a groin injury in the first half against the Chiefs, the Raiders' starting running back remains hobbled and will likely have to sit out at least one game while trying to recover.

That left Bush to handle all the reps with the starting offense in practice in preparation for what could be his first NFL start.

"I think with any team in this league all the backups are just one play (away from) playing for a long time during the season," Bush said. "You just have to make sure you stay prepared and know what you're doing when it's your time."

Bush did just that in the second half against Kansas City after McFadden went to the sidelines with his injured toe. He ran for 90 yards on 16 carries, including a game-clinching 32-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to ice the win.

Overall the Raiders rushed for 300 yards, their most since 1987.

"That's what having a strong corps of running backs is about and that's what we work hard and we push each other day in and day out," Fargas said. "We know we're all capable of getting the job done so whoever steps in there expects to get it done. Those guys did a great job."

Fargas isn't likely to play this week while the Raiders are hopeful McFadden can practice later this week and play against the Bills.

"I think if we would have had to play today, he would have been able to go," head coach Lane Kiffin said. "Hopefully he'll practice tomorrow. It's going to have a lot to do with how healthy he is, how comfortable he is with the packages that we have for him before I can really determine the playing time."

Other news from Wednesday's practice:

· Defensive tackle Tommy Kelly apologized for his recent arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence, calling it a "bad mistake."

Kelly was arrested in Oakland on Sunday night, not long after the team had flown back to town following the win over the Chiefs.

"I just take it as lessons learned what not to do," Kelly said. "I doubt if it will ever happen again. I just probably didn't make the right decision. I just probably should have left my car where it was."

Kiffin noted that drinking on team flights is not allowed said the Raiders are awaiting results of the case before making a decision on what to do. The NFL has not disciplined Kelly yet, either.

"It's a mistake for him to learn from and its just a reminder of what we talk about all the time to our team about making the right decisions, " Kiffin said. "Unfortunately he didn't make the right decision. He'll learn from it and hopefully other guys won't make the same mistake."

· Left tackle Kwame Harris ran on the side but was held out of practice but is expected to return Thursday. If Harris is unable to play, the team will use Mario Henderson in his place. Henderson made his first NFL start last week in Kansas City, and although the team ran the vast majority of its offense away from Henderson's side of the field, the second-year lineman fared pretty well and did not get called for one false start.

· Kiffin said he still had not talked to owner Al Davis about his job status and continued to go about his normal work routine.

""I'm not worried about it because I can't control it," Kiffin said. "It's not my decision to make; it's someone else's decision to make. We'll just keep plugging along until we hear different. I said before, the only thing that I don't like is for our players, they have to deal with this and it's a distraction. It shows a lot about our group because if you had some different guys, they could take advantage of the situation, all the stuff in the media and the paper, all the reports from our front office that there's going to be a firing yesterday and today, all that stuff. They could take advantage of that situation. 'We're not listening to you. We've been told, according to the paper, from our front office, that you're being fired. It's just a matter of when.' So, it shows a lot about our guys."

· It wasn't a good day for the kick returners. Johnnie Lee Higgins fumbled two returns, Ronald Curry fumbled one and bobbled another while Chris Johnson also fumbled.

Curry, the backup punt returner, has also had problems holding onto the ball on offense. He has two drops this season and was plagued by them throughout the 2007 season.

"It's unique because he's dropping the easiest ones," Kiffin said. "He's actually making the harder catches. We just have to keep working on it, we have to get his mind right. We've talked about different ways to approach it, different ways for him to visualize his routes and his receptions happening. Like we said after Week 1, this is just two games, so we're not going to make a bunch of huge statements about who we are or who one of our players is just off the two games."

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