Support is there for Kiffin to stay

Lane Kiffin is gaining support within the Raiders organization and inside the team's locker room to remain as the team's head coach. But that might not be enough to save him. A win over San Diego just might, however.

According to several sources within the Raiders' front office, there has been a groundswell of support for Kiffin from within the building in recent weeks as the whole "Will-he-be-fired-or-won't-he" saga has drug on.

"The majority of people want him to stay," one source said. "The thing is, it wouldn't matter who the head coach was. It could be anyone and we'd want him to stay." That sentiment was echoed by several people working in the organization, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity for obvious reasons.

Players have also spoken out in support of Kiffin and say that a coaching change would do more harm than good.

But Davis won't be swayed by public opinion or anyone else's for that matter. The Raiders' 79-year-old owner attended practice Thursday but once again did not speak with Kiffin following practice and has remained mum on the subject.

Several publications reported Kiffin would be fired following the Chiefs game. Oakland beat Kansas City and the rumors subsided somewhat, but they picked up steam after the Raiders blew a fourth-quarter lead and lost to Buffalo.

Kiffin has downplayed talks of his impending demise and has instead tried to stay focused on the gameplan for San Diego.

Even that might be difficult to do Sunday. One website,, is organizing a mass protest for the game against the Chargers and is asking fans to bring "Keep Kiffin" signs to the game.

But if the Raiders lose, they would fall to 1-3 and 0-2 at home. That would be all the ammunition Davis needs to send Kiffin to the unemployment line.

If Oakland wins, however, the team would be 2-2 and looking very respectable despite all the distractions. Davis might find it difficult to make the move then, though anything is possible.

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