Davis' version doesn't hold up

Al Davis tried as hard as he could to make a convincing argument why he had just cause to fire Lane Kiffin. But in the end the Raiders owner failed miserably and offered no proof why having a fifth head coach in six seasons is good for the franchise.

Davis, who fired Kiffin Tuesday morning and replaced him with offensive line coach Tom Cable, cited multiple reasons why he chose to give Kiffin his walking papers. Chief among them was Kiffin's insistence that he and Davis had not talked since before the Denver game. Because Davis kept referring to that over and over throughout the press conference, we assume he consider that an act of high treason.

He also said that Kiffin had control over personnel decisions and free agent acquisitions, something Kiffin repeatedly denied in the past.

Davis also tried -- in vain -- to convince the mass of media in attendance that the decision to fire Kiffin was not personal and that Kiffin had isolated himself from the rest of the organization.

Truth be told, though, this was nothing but a personal vendetta. Several sources within the Raiders front office told SBI that Kiffin had plenty of backers in the organization and that it is Davis who has distanced himself from his employees.

Those same sources indicated that Davis simply stops talking to anyone in the organization who disagrees with him. One high-ranking team official tried to talk to the owner recently about the ramifications of his feud with Kiffin. Davis' response? He has not spoken with that employee since.

Simply put, no matter what spin Davis tries to put on his latest coaching change it is not being met with open arms by the rest of the organization or the players in the locker room. Sure, they'll say they're behind Cable and offer up all the cliché answers when questioned by reporters about it.

But until Davis gets out of the way -- entirely -- we can only hold our breath until the next coaching change comes.

It's also hard to imagine the Raiders under any head coach having any type of sustained success … again, until Davis gets out of the way. He blamed Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Art Shell and now Kiffin for whatever has gone wrong yet he has refused to acknowledge his own role in the demise of the franchise. In Davis' eyes, it's always someone else's fault.

Just Win, Baby? Not with this owner.

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