Raiders may shake up receivers

Could Javon Walker or Ronald Curry be headed to the bench? Tom Cable isn't saying for sure but it seems a change in Oakland's receiving corps is coming.

Cable said earlier this week he was contemplating shaking up the receiving corps but wouldn't say for sure what his plans were. On Thursday, the Raiders interim head coach reiterated Oakland needs more out of its receivers but remained mum on any possible changes.

But in a telling comment, Cable also refused to say for certain if Walker and Curry would remain in the starting lineup.

"I don't know that yet," Cable said. "We like that group. It's just that I think there's some guys I feel need to play more and that's kind of where we're headed. We'll get that sorted out pretty quick."

Walker has only five catches for 59 yards and hasn't scored yet this season while Curry has six catches for 61 yards and one touchdown. Both have also had problems holding onto the ball this season, something that was an issue for Curry last year.

But Walker has been the lightning rod for criticism, primarily because he signed a $55 million contract with the Raiders in the offseason and so far has had minimal impact on the offense.

"Things have to happen quicker than what we're doing," Cable said. "I don't know that I would single Javon out more than I would single out anyone else. I think we're all responsible for it. Are we getting out of him what we expected? Not yet. Again, I think I understand what he's capable of and we're putting him in those situations and we'll give him more opportunity to do that."

Walker said part the Raiders' problems passing the ball this season are associated with the typical growing pains associated with a young quarterback. JaMarcus Russell is in his second NFL season and has just six starts to his credit.

"A receiver is only as good as how fast his quarterback grows into a system," Walker said. "You gotta grow and that takes time. I'd love to be 21 again in the NFL growing with him. Everybody was in that position he's in right now at one point in time, especially at quarterback so you know where he's coming from. It's going to happen sooner or later."

Walker pointed out that Russell is focused on doing things by the book and hasn't yet reached a comfort level where he's able to freelance a play.

"That's what he's taught and that's what he should do. That's just the difference in a veteran and a young guy," Walker said. "That's why it's going to be interesting to watch (Brett Favre) play because with him, give him the game plan, give him the play and now let's go out and play. So by freelancing you're out there and you're playing backyard football. You know the concept but as you're on the go, you're like ‘OK this is going to work and you get it done.'^"

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