Brown not sure Russell is right fit

JaMarcus Russell has had his share of critics this season. Add former Raider wide receiver Tim Brown to that list.

Speaking earlier today on Sirius Radio's Movin' The Chains show, Brown questioned whether Russell can be successful in the NFL and said the Oakland quarterback may not develop into the player the Raiders want him to be for a few more years.

""I just feel, coming from the offense that he came from - the play action type, pat the ball five times and then throw it deep in college – it doesn't really fit up with a timing offense in the NFL," Brown said. "And they tried to help him out by doing some of the same things but eventually you can't make a living on play action. You have to be able to drop back three steps, five steps, seven steps, pat the ball once and get the ball out on timing. That's the only way you're going to end up having an effective offense.

"You look around the league at guys who are playing good offensive ball, they're not doing it just off play action. They're able to mix it up and keep defenses guessing what's going on."

Russell, in his first full season as the Raiders starting quarterback, has completed just 51.4 percent of his throws for 1,797 yards and seven touchdowns with six interceptions.

He's been widely criticized in the media and by fans, who expected far more from the first overall draft pick.

On Thursday Russell said he isn't bothered by the criticism.

"I really don't pay attention to it, man, because that's their job to criticize or critique, whatever you want to call it," Russell said. "That's their job to do and it's their opinion. I play football.

"It's kind of new for me. It's something that you can't get used to as a person. Some way, how, deep down, you've got to realize that it aint the right way you need to be going and there's something you need to be doing just recover from that."

But Brown wonders when that will happen.

"I really think his development is still a couple of years away," Brown said. "I don't see this guy being the quarterback they want him to be until late year three, maybe into year four. I don't want to say [never] because it would be a whole lot of money going down the drain. It's a shame when you talk about someone as a person you have to mention money but that's what the game has come to.

"It could very well be that the best he probably could be, I believe, is [Daunte] Culpepper and the worst you're looking at Akili Smith. Hopefully he's more like Culpepper than Akili but it all depends on what kind of focus this guy is going to have during the off-season. Obviously, he has the propensity to put on a little weight. He has to be very cognizant of that. He has to be on ball with his game. He needs to get with some of these veteran quarterbacks, Hall of Fame quarterbacks, whether it is Warren Moon, [John] Elway, some of these guys and say, ‘Have you guys had a chance to check me out? What do you think? What can I do?' And if a guy makes an effort like that you know he cares, you know he's trying and you're willing to give him a little bit more time. But if he goes and blows up to 300 [pounds] again like they said he did last off-season then you know this guy is not the guy that is going to dedicate himself to learning the position the way he has to."

Russell shrugs it all off, knowing the fortunes of a franchise -- good or bad -- rest on the shoulders of the quarterback.

"Exactly, that's why I really don't pay too much attention to it," Russell said. "If they want to pay attention to it and if they want to blame me for everything, I'll be the bigger man and take the blame, but I'm not going to let it just crash down on me like that. I'll be a better of a person doing that. I've been through a lot worse than this as far as, like you say, my godmother passed, she was one of the closest friends I had, and to go out there and play a game, the night after the funeral? Man, let me see one of those people in the stands or on the other side of the TV do the same thing. How big of a heart you have to go out there and do that?"

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