Raiders make it official, Cable's the man

The Raiders made it official and removed the interim label from Tom Cable's name, elevating him to the full-time head coach in Oakland. Read the entire transcript from Wednesday afternoon's press conference and find out what Cable and owner Al Davis have to say about the state of the team now that the search has ended.

Al Davis: Approximately four months ago, I introduced to you Tom Cable as the interim head coach of the Raiders after the firing of Lane Kiffin. At that time, I had a hope that this guy had the ability the passion, the love of our team, the love of our players, that we would see improvement in the Raider football team from what I didn't feel was a true answer as to what we really were. To his credit, and it's been a long process, there have been peaks and valleys, through the process of picking a head coach, he was steadfast in his belief in the Raiders, steadfast in his passion for the Raiders. Some of the things he did with the football team that we can talk about later showed me that we have a chance, we have a hope that we can go and do the things we think we can. I bring up to you, that since 2002, there have been only three other teams in the AFC to play in the Super Bowl. So that means out of the 16 teams, 12 teams have not played in the Super Bowl since the year 2002. Now, in the other conference, it's just totally opposite. Since 2002, they had seven _ seven different teams _ play in the Super Bowl. Now, as each one gets in the Super Bowl, we laud ‘em, but then, those teams, and their present locations, get picked apart because they were failures, after that one year in the Super Bowl, excluding the Giants. The Giants are the only ones, that after winning a Super Bowl, came on and played well in this past season. In any event, I'm proud, as I said it's a long process, and I'll tell you why, and I'll tell you what happened, and I only hope that the accountability of some of you to the truth will be printed without any equivocation and firm belief in what we tell you is exactly what happened. I will tell you along the way what happened with Tom Cable and Al Davis in the process. But what I want to do right now is introduce the new head coach of the Raiders, he's no longer the interim coach, and I say it with pride, and I'm proud of it, Tom Cable.

Tom Cable: Well, we meet again. I appreciate you all being here. I thank you for coming to this conference. It's been quite a journey, this whole thing, and as he mentioned we'll talk about it in detail, or more detail here in a second. But I'm honored to have the privilege and the responsibility to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, I look forward to getting to work, working hard to bringing a championship to Oakland, something that is dear to all of us, dear to this city, and something that we'll set out to do beginning now. To the fans in Raider Nation, listen to me _ it's time we came back to you with a team you can be proud of every Sunday. That everyone who walks in that stadium has a level of energy and excitement like no other. You've been great fans in the past. It's time for us to give you something back, and that is a great football team. To this football team, we did some good stuff at the end. We learned what it is to be a team. We learned selflessness, we learned that an individual has no chance in this game, no chance in this business, not at this level. We'll take off where we left. We'll get right to work here come March. Our only goal is to get to the tournament, get to the playoffs. You get to the playoffs, you have a chance to win the ring. That's what this organization has always been about, something we should all look forward to. Our success is in our future. To the coaching staff that we put together, I'm excited about it, the opportunity to pick every one of them myself was a great thing. I look for teachers, I look for character, and if there's one thing I do know, beginning, when we get this team back in March, with the offseason program starting, is having a chance to teach them this game. With their attitude and their abilities, we have a chance to move forward.

Question: Why did it take so long to name a coach?

Davis: Three things manifested itself. One, it was a process. And I really did consider another individual really strongly right up to the end, and that individual and Tom were competing. When I met with Tom for approximately four hours, and he outlined what he saw for the future of the Raiders, the staff, the players, and all those things, he told me what kind of staff he'd like, and I said to him, `Can you get that kind of staff?' He said, I can get that kind of staff. I said, you go out, and get that kind of staff, bring ‘em back here, you tell me that these are the people you want on your staff, and we'll hire ‘em. Let me see what you can do about putting a staff together. That's No. 1. No. 2, I gave the same consideration to the other individual. He went out, with the idea of putting a staff together, to bring back that would be the staff of the Raiders, and Tom was very, very strong on who he wanted to keep from the old organization, and from the new organization. No. 2, unfortunately, Tom suffered a very serious blow while this process was going on. His dad passed away. So we had a hiatus of about a week and a half, where all we did was talk on the phone occasionally, but he had things to do in Merced and in Seattle, and in Georgia, and that held it up too. And No. 3, the thing that held it up was the Super Bowl. I could have done it last Thursday, but I didn't want it to interfere with the Super Bowl and I felt this was the best time for everyone, I didn't want to take you from the Super Bowl, or take him still from the things he had to do, he had to be in Atlanta, Georgia, for a couple of days. These are the things that go on with the process, and it was a battle, down to the end, and I finally made a decision, that he could take this team, he showed me in those last couple of games, there were two things that came to my mind. I wanted to play the young players. All year long, I wanted to play the young players. In the last two games, Higgins and Schilens accounted for five touchdowns. Higgins and Schilens accounted for five touchdowns. That was about the only time, that someone started to play those two guys regularly, where they could show what they could do where they could run and show their speed. Higgins had other opportunities, but it was great, if you take five touchdowns in two games, and even whittle it down to two touchdowns in 16 games apiece, we've got tw o guys who are catching eight touchdowns apiece. I think the youth of this team, if you really follow it and watch it, has really got a chance to be pretty good, and he believed in the youth and played ‘em, and showed us what they could do those two young guys, for just as an example.

He hired every assistant coach. I did not hire one other than to talk to some of them about money and to talk to some of them about philosophy. I'm not sure I agree with everyone but I think it's a hell of a staff. He hired every single coach. I just want you to know that. And I want the few doubters in here who think I hired the assistant coaches, that's not true. I never hired Lane Kiffin's. I never hired Art Shell's. on this one, I listened to him and the guys he had in mind were pro guys, people with experience and people who could teach.

Question: You had Cable and another guy and made it a contest between the two?

Davis: You're making it a contest.

Question: But you had both of them put a staff together?

Davis: Yes.

Question: How can they hire a staff if they don't have the job?

Davis: Well they do it. That's all that goes on in pro football. If you think that Todd Haley didn't hire his staff last week, if you think 90 percent of them don't, then you don't know a thing about football.

Question: But if you have two head coaching candidates, how can they hire people if they don't have a job?

Davis: They can't hire people but they can tell us who they want, bring them in and make sure that we can get them. Because a lot of times they say they can get this guy. There were two guys that both of them, both of them picked. But what they wanted was responsibility that neither Tom, or his other fellow would give them, which was play-calling. Tom called the plays the last few games of the season. If you remember he took it away from Greg Knapp. And it's pretty simple, that's the way it's done. Whether you believe it or not. I'm shocked that you would ask that question but that's the way it's been. Guys are told, you've got a shot at this job and immediately what are they doing? Calling around trying to get a staff together. Who will join them, who won't join them and things like that. It's always worked that way.

Question: But in the meantime, those guys can take jobs at other places?

Davis: That's if you considered the other places. For example, if you've considered the other people. And specifically, we had some wait. We had some wait for Tom Cable. We had some wait for the other coach. But look, everyone does it their way. But I think your wrong if you don't think that every coach that gets a call and say look ‘you're a candidate for job A at so and so, he doesn't get on the phone and try to hire guys. And you find that several people try to hire guys. We have some guys that have come on our staff now and the staff is near complete, maybe one or two isn't complete, the staff is near complete, who have been offered jobs with other teams and have refused to take them. Wanted to be here. If you wondering how, that's the way it works.

Question: Can you say what the timeline was with Tom and the mystery candidate?

Davis: I think they were in competition a long while, a long while up until about last Thursday.

Question: What makes you confident this hiring will work out better than the last four?

Davis: I can only tell you I thought Norv Turner would turn out pretty good. And the second year of Norv, well the first year of Norv he had Tim Brown, he had Jerry Rice, he had Jerry Porter, Ron Curry and Doug Gabriel. And I thought Norv has a different way of doing things and could satisfy all the receivers. And what happened was we let Tim Brown go, right before the season started. And Jerry Rice got into an argument. Remember he didn't catch, his successive catches in some game, I think it was the second game of the season when Gannon threw him a ball that hit off his hands and Gannon didn't come back to him again. I thought Norv would do well and he didn't. so then we were going to go to Petrino, Bobby but instead we went to Shell. Then I went to Lane Kiffin. What makes me think so? It's the fact that he did well. He took over a team last year in the middle of the season and I thought he did well. There were peaks and there were valleys there. There were things that came up from time to time. But he's young, he loves it. He loves football and I admire the passion for it where I'm not so sure all the others had that passion.

Question: Why were you acting like the head coach all last month if you weren't the head coach yet?

Cable: First of all, when the season was over, we talked briefly about what the process would be. There would be some time to reflect, and we both did that. We talked initially about the fact that I wanted to be the head coach, and then an unfortunate time. Lost my father, and Al and the organization were gracious enough to be give me and my family almost two weeks, about a week and a half, to handle those things, get through those things. Clearly for me, it started with the Senior Bowl, being down there. If you know the process in this league, that's a very important time for guys to talk to prospective coaches, position coaches, coordinators, and at the same time it gave me the opportunity to go down and look at who was in that game in terms of talent for the new year. So I was able to kind of kill two birds with one stone, get a lot done in terms of talking to coaches, assistant coaches. I had had a chance just before that to talk to assistant coaches who were on the staff already, so I had a plan. I had a plan about if the opportunity came to me, where I would move and what I would bring to the table, so it really was just the process of getting through it, and then of course last week was just to put the final things together as we met again and talked about it all, and here we are.

Question: What did you learn last year from all those peaks and valleys?

Cable: The first thing that really jumped out at me, I thought the first five or six weeks were really trying. There were some issues, we had release some players, we had to change some mind-sets, we had to get some people on the field that weren't on the field at the time. I thought the last six weeks we became a very competitive football team, a team that went 3-3 in the last six weeks, really should have beaten Kansas City at home, two poor drives I felt on each side of the ball, but I felt like this: I felt like the attitude was going the right way. I felt like they were starting to play for each other. I felt like whatever negative things or whatever had gone on was going away, that we were becoming a team, that we were becoming someone that wants to work for each other, that realizes it's not all about stressing over winning and losing. Stress about being your best every day, and when you go to work every day, and you leave work every day and you know you did your best and you've given your best and you do the same thing on Sunday, you got a chance to win football games. You got a chance to be a playoff team, to win your division, and ultimately to become a world champion. That's the foundation that was laid, so the peaks was probably at the end of it, the valleys were probably at the beginning, and it was climbing out of it and climbing out of it, but we moved in the direction we wanted to go. As I said when this became an interim job in October, this is my dream. This is my team growing up. There's not anything in the world I'd rather be doing. I'm honored to have the opportunity. I'm very honored by what this football team did in the last six weeks of the regular season and where we have grown as a football team, and I know right now where we need to go to get to the playoffs.

Question: Do you have an advantage going into this job after having the interim gig?

Cable: I feel like I do. I feel like I understand that locker room. I know who the leaders are. I know who the young people are that have to be pushed to become leaders on this football team. The biggest obstacle as we head into 2009, we'll get started with right away, and that's getting this team evaluated with our new coaches, for example our new D-line coach, our new linebacker coach, knowing who he's got at his position, and where do we need to go in terms of getting ready for the combine, which presents itself before the draft, and then free agency is going to happen in March, so getting all those things kind of laid out, I think those are the biggest things. The biggest plan that you can handle right now is getting the new coaches familiar with who this football team is at their positions, and then from there, making those decisions and those choices as we go through the process.

Question: Why did the players love you so much late last year?

Cable: I think first and foremost, Vernon, they're going to know where I stand, and I'm going to tell them the truth. I'm going to love how they work. I'm going to love them for that. We go in the locker room on Sunday, it's all of us against whoever they put out there. I think that mentality, about taking care of each other and coaching for them, with them playing for us and vice versa, all of that is so important, but it don't work, it don't work unless it's all for one, and I think ultimately I brought that to them. Hopefully they know I give a damn about them, and as we continue to get better, if you look at games, I'm just going back to the Buffalo game, to the Miami game, to the Carolina game here, you could kick out three or four games right away that if we had that bond really where I think it's come to, and it's got to get better, no question, but if we'd have had that in place at those times, we'd have won those football games, and that's the difference of winning and losing in the National Football League. We all got talented players, an d we've got a good young football team. It's got to mature. It's got to grow up. It's got to get some guys to improve fundamentally, but I think if you have that (unintelligible), if you will, in place, you win those football games, and if you put three or four more wins on our record from last year, I think we win the division, that's how close we are. But make no mistake, all that talent and that big arm JaMarcus has got, and the fast legs that Darren's got, and all the pass-rushing that Burgess has got, it don't make nothing. It don't make no difference if you can't put it out there for each other with a passion and a love for each other. That's how you win football games.

Question: If Tom hired all of the assistants, how come several were hired before you settled on Cable as the head coach?

Davis: I went over them with him, the other fella, I don't like to say the other guy, but the other fella, and he understood. He was willing to accept it. You've got to remember that we're hiring about 15 coaches. This is not an easy _ he was willing to accept it if we believed in it, if we thought that it was a good hire. I told him what we had done, who we had retained from the old staff, and he was willing to accept that. What he was interested in was his offensive coordinator, his defensive coordinator. That's what he was interested in, although he would have called his own plays, so he wasn't really that interested in his offensive coordinator.

Question: Is Cable calling the offensive plays this year?

Davis: That's up to Tom. Tom was the one. I know what you read, that I instructed Greg to give it up, although I didn't mind Greg giving it up, to be factual. Tom took it over. I wanted to see what Tom could do. That's what he was there for, he was the interim coach. We got a bad break when that one coach left us with two weeks to go on a contract, two games to go, the guy who went down to Tennessee. In a way it helped us because it forced Tom to get back in with the line more and do more with the line at hat particular time. But Tom called the plays. Now I don't say Tom has to call the plays. That's up to Tom. We have two pretty highly touted other people who joined the staff, who understand calling plays. Now one of them has a history of a little bit West Coast and the other has a history of down the field, which is interesting and which I was excited about.

Question: Are those two people Ted Tollner and Paul Hackett?

Davis: Yes.

Question: Are you calling the plays, Tom?

Davis: I'm going to call the plays. We'll get into this more here in a little bit about the staff, but Paul is going to coach the quarterbacks and Ted Tollner is going to be the passing game coordinator. We'll move in that direction. We talked about it with them. We'll get great input from them. As we just mentioned, they have a lot of experience and they will be very, very valuable to the success of what we're going to do. But there's a purpose and a reason for why everyone was hired. Let's be very clear on this, OK?. I hired the coaches that I thought would help us get to the playoffs at every position. The timeline isn't the issue, folks. The issue is, we did the right thing for the Oakland Raiders to move forward, to be a playoff team and to find that success that we all deserve.

Question: What was your reaction to receiving word that you were hired?

Cable: At first, there was so much going on, with the change and everything. One minute, you're the line coach and the next minute you're going to be the head coach. So, to get organized and, as I said earlier, those first few weeks were a difficult time in terms of some change that needed to be made, getting organized and getting the staff where you need them to go. So, that in itself, I was just so busy that I didn't really have time to think ab out it. But I can tell you that this time, it was very special. As I mentioned, this was my team as a kid. This is really a dream come true. I'm proud of it. I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to do this. The Oakland Raiders are back. They're back. We're going to go win football games and we're going to be a playoff team. You hear me? I'm not afraid to say that. All that negative aura, it's done. It's our time now. Every great team in sport, and there are three of them. In baseball, it's the New York Yankees. In basketball, it's the Boston Celtics. And in football, it's the Oakland Raiders. Every one of those three teams, all three of them, have had their tough times. We have had ours. It hasn't been any fun. And you all have been a part of it, those difficult times, longer than I have. But you know what? I grew up watching the great times. Now I get to be a part of the next set of great times. Every great team has done it. We're no different than those other two.

Question: How strongly did you consider Gilbride? Was Martindale a head coaching candidate?

Davis: Number one, Kevin Gilbride is a bright, very exceptional coach, and he got tremendous consideration. He's very good. Don Martindale was told what he could be here if he wanted to stay. He decided to go to Denver as the linebackers coach. Don Martindale was not considered as the head coach of the Raiders.

Question: Why are we to believe that things will be any more successful under your guidance?

Cable: Because it's who I am. You bet it is. I'll tell you why. When you look at the nucleus of this team, the makeup of this team, everybody would like to jump on when things are going bad. You have had your chance. The makeup of this team is young, it's tough, it's smart, it's athletic, and you all know, one thing about an Oakland Raider football team: it can fly. This football team, it just simply needs leadership, a passion to play the game for each other, with each other, and I believe I bring that to the table. If you paid attention, I am who I am, it is what it is. I'm this way whether it's at practice, I'm this way whether it's on Sunday or I'm this way sitting here right not in front of you. I love this team. You asked why? Because I believe in this team, that's why.

Question: Would this team have made the playoffs if you were the coach from the outset of last season?

Cable: Yeah, I do, because I believe in what I'm doing, I believe in this football team. So, yeah, I do. That ain't what it was. That isn't how it all worked out. It worked out the way it was supposed to. I'm the head coach now, and our goal will be to get to be a playoff team and get a chance at that Super Bowl. Question: Have you decided upon bringing in that local guy to help in the front office?

Davis: I could say to you, 'It's filled,' but I don't want to. And I could say to you, 'It's a possibility,' and I would leave it at that. I'm just not ready. I just went through a long process here. It isn't easy because, when Tom would bring in these coaches, someone has to sit down with them and talk to them about money. So, occasionally, I would spend some time with them about money, and it isn't easy to hire all these people and come up with a comprehensive money scale and budget. One point I want to make, that Tom made to me, that is an interesting thing. Ted Tollner was at the 49ers last year, and they're doing well. Martz was there. They jumped from 28th with Martz to 10th in the league on 20-yard passes. I may have it mixed up a little bit on the yardage or two. The point I'm making is, that's a phase of football that we might not have had until late in the season last year, and that's throwing the ball down the field, if we threw the ball at all. We have guys that can run and that can go get 'em. It's hard for you to believe sometimes, but they can run, they can go get 'em, and we can throw the ball up on top. So, that's exciting to think about. And you got to have people that are willing to pull the trigger, and he pulled it. As I say, in those last two games, (Schilens and Higgins) got five touchdowns. One was a punt return if I remember correctly -- Higgins. So, it was two apiece. Schilens and Higgins. Just comprehend if they can get two every two games, what it means. So, that's pretty good.

Question: Tom, during this whole process did you consider any other offers?

Cable: You always have to take care of yourself, but I just believe, you know, with great patience and doing the job that was asked of me to do and put a plan together, I expected it to happen. I had great confidence. I obviously didn't know it would happen, but I believed in my heart this is the way it was gonna work out. So you look out for yourself, certainly, but my whole focus was being head coach of the Oakland Raiders, no question.

Question: Will you have an offensive or defensive coordinator?

Cable: It's not necessary at this point because of my involvement with the two of them. It's something that I just didn't feel was necessary at this point. To the defensive coordinator, I have hired John Marshall, who will lead our defense. I'll go ahead and give you those names here real quick: Dwaine Board will be the defensive line coach; Mike Haluchak will be the linebackers coach; Lionel Washington will be the defensive backs coach, along with Willie Brown. On offense, as I mentioned, Ted Tollner will be the passing game coordinator. Paul will coach the quarterback. Kelly Skipper will move from tight ends to running backs, who was on the staff previously. Sanjay Lal will go from being assistant receiver coach to being the receiver coach. And Adam Henry will go from a quality control position to being the tight end coach. The only position that I haven't hired yet is the offensive line. I have hired a special teams coordinator. That'll be John Fassel, who will move up from the assistant special teams coordinator position. Did a great job. The offensive line coach hasn't been hired cause that's where I live. And I have a plan for that. It'll be done here shortly. And out of respect to it, we'll get it done and when it's time, we'll announce it.

Question: Will you change your defense to a 3-4 or something that occasionally stops the run?

Cable: Changing it? No. Dramatically? No. How we're gonna plan it and put it together will change significantly. I think the ability of this group of teachers… what we'll ask them, how they'll be held accountable. But will be dramatically different? No, I don't think that would be the wise thing. I think we're built a certain way, and why no t play on our talent.

Question: How much input will you have in personnel?

Cable: I think in regards to the draft, those things of getting the new coaches familiar with the players they're gonna be coaching, that's an issue for down the road, if you will. Because I think before we can really get into this process all the way, they've gotta be understanding who they've got to coach and how they're gonna get ‘em better, we'll have a plan for that. And so it's probably premature to talk about the draft and all those things right now. How we're gonna through free agency and prepare for the draft and draft day and all that, Al and I have talked about it. This is a partnership, something that I need his leadership, I need his wisdom, I need his experience. And that's something I told him right from the very beginning. There are some things that I asked him to teach me. And this is one of those things. At the same time we've had great discussions a bout personnel, whether it's on our team or other players outside our team. We've had agreements, we've had disagreements, it's been great. But the partnership in it to me has been exactly what I wanted it to be, was being able to be taught by a guy who probably knows more football than most anybody in the National Football League.

Question: What is your offensive philosophy, and is it more Raider-like than what we've seen? Cable: I think so. I think one of the things I'm most excited about is to put the complete stamp on it, if you will. Toughness and discipline, act with honor, play with honor, play for each other, throw the ball over their heads, and when you get ‘em down, beat ‘em down running the football. And I think you score points by throwing the football – I mentioned that to you during the season – but you win championships with your ability to run the football at the end of games. Defensively, this team is very talented on defense. Not to put any pressure on anyone, but it is. I've been around ‘em for two years. I want to get back to what I used to see, and I see it on NFL Films all the time: Raiders knocking guys' helmets off, and knocking ‘em down and beating ‘em down, beating ‘em down, beating ‘em down on defense. We've been find on special teams, tremendous this last year. We can get better in all areas, but I want us to go back to being tough, hard-nosed, play the game the way it's supposed to be played by the Oakland Raiders.

Thoughts on your fun little spending spree in spring of 2008?

DAVIS: "I think you always learn by experience, but I don't believe in consistency. I don't believe that you follow because you failed one year, that you can't succeed in the next year. But we did not do well in free agency, no. We had players here who could play, and for some reason or other, some of them refused to play ‘em. And so we went out instead and got the players on the market that were considered the best players at their position that were available. And they did not fare well for us, no. One was injured, that's Javon. Certainly DeAngelo got picked on the first game of the season, we'd have won that game had we played the other guy. When we went back and played ‘em again and played the other guy, we won the game. That's all it was. It was one guy that they took advantage of and beat us. The next time when we played ‘em, they were gonna go after the new guy, and they couldn't get after the new guy. So it's a tough year for me, because we didn't do well in free agency. But, I'd rather be right than be consistent, so we'll see what happens. I think with the lockout looming down the road and what's happening in free agency, I don't know that you're gonna see the big bonuses anymore for players. I just don't know that you're gonna see that in the main.

Question: Have you given Nnamdi Asomugha's situation much thought yet?

Cable: I have. I've looked at the roster a number of times. There's much work to do in regards to Nnam, Shane Lechler, other free agents on our football team. We have a number of good players that are in free agency, so it'll be a very important time coming up as we go through this. But Nnam's important, Shane's important, they're all important. And that'll be addressed rather quickly.

Question: Would you consider sharing a stadium with the 49ers?

Davis: Are you changing the subject? Let me say that the misconception that there's some unhappiness with the Raiders and the 49ers is a midconception. If you remember I got DeBartolo Sr. to buy the 49ers. I remember Eddie was standing there, he was just a young kid telling his dad to do it, 'Buy it Dad' even though the price went up $500,000. I know Denise. I like Denise very much I don't know John well but I've never had a problem with John. Our problems with the 49ers came in 1995 when we decided to come back to Oakland. Carmen was determined … I can understand that. He represented the 49ers and we were a threat to the Bay area. Carmen was determined to see to it that if we did come back it wouldn't be a good journey. He rallied some of the writers who were friends of his on his side to attack us. But no, would I … let me say this. Jed York is a very bright young man and our CEO, Amy Trask, who's in charge of business operations. I'm not sure how far she's gone but we have to do something. We have to have a new stadium. We want to win. We want our fans to do great. The will to win is the fire that burns brightest in this organization and if a new stadium can help us, then we'll look at a new stadium. We want what everyone else in thi s league has got. It's amazing how we all sit here and I realize that every newspaper in here is having problems but this is the only place in America where there's no new stadium: Minneapolis and three stadiums in California. Our teams operate at a very unfair practice.

Question: What would it take to get you to sit down with the 49ers and talk stadium?

Davis: First of all I'd have to know what the stadium is and who's going to pay for it. Once I know that, I can answer your questions.

Question: So are you waiting for a call from Jed York of the 49ers?

Davis: No, I didn't say I would do anything. Amy Trask can do that. They can get here any time they want. She's very vivacious and aware of all things that have to go on to pay off. We'd have to know who's going to pay for the stadium, what the split is. Before we even sit down with anyone we've got to know what the split is, what kind of numbers we would be getting that would allow us to compete with the other teams in the NFL.

Question: Mr. Davis, where do you think the Raiders will be playing in 2011?

Davis: I'd like to be playing in a stadium or some new stadium that's started. I like the present location very much. I think it's a helluva location but I'd like a new stadium. That's our goal.

Question: Tom, if Kevin Gilbride got the job, would you have stayed on as his o-line coach and take a Buddy Ryan swing at him on the sideline?

Cable: You know what? I never even thought about it that way. I just kind of stayed focused on the task at hand and preparing myself if the opportunity came, getting the staff ready to go and that's really the only way I can look at it.

Question: Tom, when is the last time you talked with JaMarcus Russell?

Cable: I talked to him at the Senior Bowl. He's here now. My feeling with JaMarcus is JaMarcus has really embraced what his responsibility is and what is role is. He's had a rookie season that was, he came in late and played the last little bit there, played a few games, started one game. And of course he started the entire season this year and I think he has through all of that has really learned and accepted what his responsibility is and what his role is. I'm not surprised to see him back now and doing the things he should be doing to lead this football team.

Davis: He's got some physical problems that have to be taken care of too. I think his ankle was bothering him at the end of the year. He had some chips in there so they may have to do something with that.

Question: Mr. Davis, what are your thoughts on Russell's development?

Davis: I thought the whole process was too slow. I thought the process was too slow the year before.

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