In Search Of the Every Down Pro Tight End.

Most of this year's tight end prospects have shown the ability to catch and a select few can block, but with the exception of Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew, virtually none of the 2009 prospects have the ability to line up as every down player's.

There were times when I felt Oklahoma State tight end didn't finish or play with a lot of intensity, but when you look at the entire picture, I believe one can see player who could well become one of the better tight ends in the game in the not too distinct future.

Junior tight end prospects Jared Cook, James Casey, Cameron Morrah and Carson Butler all appear to be very athletic, but for the most part are basically big slot receivers.

I would like to have seen Wisconsin's Travis Beckum perform as a senior, but he was injured early and lost for the season. He certainly can catch the football and I believe had made strides as an inline blocker.

Missouri' Chase Coffman has the receiving skills of a young Dan Ross. He has excellent body control, exceptional hands and was particularly effective in the short under zones and in the red-zone. On the negative side of the agenda, I have seldom seen him in a three point stance, let alone blocking at the point of attack. I also question his speed and ability to get up the seam.

Colorado State's tight end Kory Sperry and NC State's Anthony Hill, but came off season ending injuries in 2007 to have solid senior campaigns. Keep close tabs on East Carolina' Davon Drew and No Carolina junior Richard Quinn; both are talented developing players who have a real chances to become special players.

Former Nebraska-Omaha quarterback has size, rare speed and as much overall athletic ability as any player in the country.

Much like the aforementioned Beckum, Florida multi-talented tight end Cornelius Ingram, was injured in the pre-season. If and when he is cleared medically, I like this player' chances of developing into a very dangerous up the seam receiving threat.

Tight Ends

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
1 Pettigrew, Brandon Oklahoma St 6053v 263v 4.83v 1.17
2 Cook, Jared So Carolina 6046v 246v 4.50v 1.22
3 Casey, James Rice 6033v 246v 4.77v 1.26
4 Morrah, Cameron California 6033v 244v 4.64v 1.31
5 Beckum, Travis Wisconsin 6027v 239v 4.69v 1.34
6 Butler, Carson Michigan 6043v 257v 4.63v 1.34
7 Nelson, Shawn So Mississippi 6050v 242v 4.56v 1.35
8 Coffman, Chase Missouri 6056v 244v 4.91v 1.36
9 Drew, Davon East Carolina 6036v 256v 4.80v 1.42
10 Sperry, Kory Colorado St 6046v 244v 4.70v 1.43
11 Davie, Andrew Arkansas 6040v 258v 4.84v 1.48
12 Ingram, Cornelius Florida 6037v 245v 4.69v 1.49
13 Hill, Anthony No Carolina St 6050v 262v 4.86v 1.52
14 Pascoe, McKenna Fresno St 6051v 251v 4.97v 1.57
15 Quinn, Richard North Carolina 6037v 264v 4.93v 1.57
16 Phillips, John Virginia 6053v 251v 4.81v 1.64
17 O'Connell, Jake Miami (OH) 6031v 248v 4.68v 1.65
18 Miller, Zachary Nebraska-Omaha 6040v 233v 4.54v 1.71
19 Myers, Rob Utah St 6031v 241v 4.66v 1.76
20 Williams, Jaison Oregon 6041v 237v 4.59v 1.79

Free Agents

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
Dekker, Travis Air Force 6041v 256v 4.86v 1.90
Walker, Nick Alabama 6043v 256v 4.98v 1.90
Johnson, David Arkansas St 6014v 260v 4.73v 1.90
Hill, Darius Ball St 6070v 249v 4.83v 1.90
Purvis, Ryan Boston College 6036v 256v 5.03v 1.90
Branson, Marquez C Arkansas 6021v 247v 4.71v 1.90
Bronson, Jared C Washington 6037v 253v 4.72v 1.90
Bullock, J'Nathan Cleveland St 1.90
Chandler, Tripp Georgia 6051v 272v 4.96v 1.90
Williams, Eddie Idaho 6011v 239v NC 1.90
Gronkowski, Dan Maryland 6054v 255v 4.81v 1.90
Nalbone, John Monmouth 6040v 251v 4.69v 1.90
Brock, Kevin Rutgers 6054v 254v 4.65v 1.90
Frischknecht, Devin Washington St 6037v 258v 4.77v 1.90

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