Chad Pennington on the Raiders

There is no doubt that the Raiders are physical. They play to the whistle and beyond sometimes but they play hard and they play well and that is their style. There is no reason to try to change that style because it's been there forever. Our challenge is to match the intensity and match the effort and make sure that we don't get beat on effort and intensity.

Q. On the Jets offense being aggressive against the Raiders?


Well you have to be patient. You can't take shots that aren't there. You can't just force balls because you're trying to be aggressive. Being aggressive is having the attitude that we're going to take the shot when it's there. But if it's not there we have to respect them enough as a defense and realize that the whole perspective of the game is to win the game. Not just in one place but to win it for 60 minutes and that has to be our focus.


Q. On the challenge this week against the Raiders. Talk about the confidence you have in your teammates?


Obviously, I have always been confident in my teammates and this team. I think the more proof that you get as a player and as a team to be able to step out on the field and accomplish good things the more confidence you gain. But every challenge is different and just because we had a big playoff win last week has no bearing, in my opinion, on this week because it is a totally different challenge and totally different atmosphere.


Q. On establishing a tempo in the game?


I think our team as an offense takes it upon itself to establish the tempo of the game early. To have a defensive mentality sometimes as far as forcing the action upon the defense and making sure that we do everything possible to get a positive edge going in the first part of the game. Coach Hackett does a great job of relaying that message to us and making sure that we understand that we can't wait until the second half. Every play is important, every quarter, every down and every series. 


Q. Do you see any type of advantage against the Raiders secondary?


No, because Charles Woodson and Tory James are going to play and I know those guys are going to be ready. Those guys are professionals and they understand their bodies and they understand when their team needs them they're going to be there and they are going to be playing with one hundred percent effort. Whatever happens, happens. I can't let that affect how I run the offense and how are team plays. We can't relax if they don't play and we can't tense up if they do play.


Q. How much better is this offense than it was the last time?


I think the biggest difference right now is that we are a little bit more consistent. We've gained more experience in big time games this year. We've also given ourselves some proof that we can play well in a big time game and not only play well but win games. That is important for a team to have that type of confidence.


Q. What are the keys to preparing for Sunday?


Your focus on yourselves to make sure that you are doing everything possible throughout the week to be prepared. Secondly it's paying attention to the details during the game and realizing that there are certain things that happen on the road that may not happen at home. How we react to those situations is the most important thing.


Q. Could you talk about some things that can happen on the road?


Obviously on the road you might not get a call that you would get at home. Sometimes the crowd gets more involved than what you expect at home. Crazy things— such as comebacks on the road. The home team is able to make a comeback sometimes easier at home than it is on the road. Those are all adversities and challenges that you face as a road team. We have to be able to conquer those challenges.


Q. What are some of the best qualities about this team?


I think we believe in each other. I think we have been through so much and we've been through the ups and the downs that we're battle tested. We know that we're not going to be a deer in headlights come Sunday. We're not going to be surprised at the situation or caught off guard by anything because we've been through a lot. 

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