New details emerge in Cable vs Hanson

A new day, a new twist on the Tom Cable-Randy Hanson saga. Will this thing ever go away? Find out the latest and see what Cable has to say about it in S&BI's

As the Raiders put the final preparations together for their preseason trip to San Francisco, head coach Tom Cable found himself staring at possible legal charges and disciplinary action by the NFL as new details of his alleged confrontation with assistant coach Randy Hanson continue to emerge.

According to a story by the National Football Post, Cable had been working for weeks to reduce Hanson's role on the coaching staff for months and had demoted him from assistant defensive backs coach to defensive assistant.

It was during a meeting with several other defensive coaches that the altercation took place. According to the NFP, Cable came at Hanson from behind as Hanson was having a verbal dispute with defensive coordinator John Marshall. Cable "knocked Hanson out of his chair and up against the wall and into a cabinet. Cable and Hanson fell to the floor, where Hanson was choked and Cable was pulled off Hanson by the other men before Cable went after Hanson again. Cable allegedly said, ‘I am going to kill you, I am going to kill you,' as he was choking Hanson."

Hanson initially refused to cooperate with police investigating the situation but has apparently changed his mind and hired an attorney. The report in NFP said that Hanson is willing now to help with police and will turn over medical records to the Napa Police Department on Friday.

Hanson's willingness to cooperate apparently stems from his inability to stay on the Raiders' coaching staff. The NFP report says owner Al Davis offered Hanson three options: work in the personnel department, break down film or get paid without working. Hanson reportedly declined all three and later hung up on Davis during a follow-up conversation on the phone.

Cable once again declined to discuss the situation in great detail, offering a few brief responses to the latest allegations.

"We're still going to take care of it internally," Cable said Thursday following practice. "The one thing I will tell you is when all the facts come out, everything will be fine."

Asked if the Raiders had been contacted by law enforcement, Cable replied "I don't know any of that."

Cable also said he didn't know if the NFL had opened its investigation into the situation.

If the police find reasonable cause, they can charge Cable with felony assault. He also faces a possible suspension and fine from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the league's conduct policy.

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