5 questions with John Parella

"It should be. The biggest thing for us is to stay focused on what we have to do without distractions. Get today over and tomorrow over and get back to work. I look forward to getting this done. We are going to watch some film and get ready for a very good football team."

 (on leaving San Diego and coming back for the Super Bowl)  "I should not have sold my house.  I could have stayed there this week.  It's something that I thought about from day one since going with the Raiders was having an opportunity to be in the Super Bowl.  So far it worked out and it has been a fun year."

 (on thoughts of the old Chargers fans)  "It was a lot of fun.  I had a lot of good years here.  Sometimes our record didn't show how good our team was, but I had a lot of fun.  Free agency came up and I had a chance to play for the Raiders and a very good football team and I jumped at the chance.  I thank the Raiders every day for that, for being part of this football team."

  (on his feelings after knowing the Raiders were going to the Super Bowl)  "I didn't believe it until it was 0:00 on the clock.  I was just hoping nothing bad happened.  It's a tribute to this team.  Our coaches prepare us well every week.  I didn't know what to say, my kids were running around the field and hugging and kissing me, but I was thinking that we still have another one to play.  For a couple of minutes guys were excited, but we know that we have a big task this weekend."

 (on the grind of the season)  "Coach Callahan and our coaching staff did an excellent job of making this season not only a fun one, and it wasn't as grueling.  There were times when practice was as hard as I have ever seen it and there were times that they pulled back and knew when we were ready to play.  I think that is why we were fresh for the fight late in the season and it has shown this last couple of weeks."

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