5 Questions with Lincoln Kennedy

On whether he feels they would be in the same position if Gruden was still the head coach: "I don't know. I didn't feel that we were that far away from getting this far. Honestly, I don't know. I think this team has worked incredibly hard. I don't know if we would have had the same mentality and the same philosophy on offense as we did. I don't know if Gruden would have taken a chance on fourth down and one in certain situations. I couldn't even sit here and try to think about that."

(on the similarities between Callahan and Gruden)  "They have similar approaches in the way they treat people.  There hasn't really been a dramatic transition or things that stand out in my mind that Callahan has done this season as compared to the previous year with Gruden.  What I think that Callahan is able to do is take a mature approach.  He already had a veteran team and you should be able to work with veterans and appreciate them for who they are and what they've accomplished in other programs and be able to infiltrate that into your system."

 (on how Callahan treats veterans)  "In some instances, a head coach wants to see what type of team he has. Therefore, you go out there and bang two or three hours a day in pads or try to overwork them with two-a-days and mini-camps.  Callahan's approach was not to put a lot of pressure on the vets as far as making it mandatory to be at mini-camps, and we didn't do a lot of hitting at training camp.  We tapered back and toned it down.  There were times that he gave veterans over thirty-years old days off and afternoons off.  A lot of coaches take that approach.  You don't need to necessarily have a Rod Woodson hit everyday or Romanowski hit every day.  You have to have confidence that your veterans will show up and play and that they know what they are doing because they've been successful in other programs."

 (on it being an asset to Kennedy that Callahan was an offensive line coach)  "I think it's a tremendous vote of confidence when you're offensive line coach takes a head position and he knows what your strengths as a unit are and he's not afraid to use those.  I think he puts a lot of confidence in us as offensive lineman."

 (on not wanting to lose a Super Bowl to Gruden)  "Right now because it's so early in the week you really haven't got into the anticipation of what's happening.  I think a lot of guys, including myself, are just taking this opportunity to be apart of something great.  We haven't figured out about all of the little idiosyncrasies about what our approach to this game is and how we feel about Gruden.  For the most part, we are just happy to be here."

 (on when Gruden and Callahan were together in Oakland)  "I thought that they gelled together.  I thought that for the most part Gruden had a pass mentality and Callahan had a run mentality.  Callahan, being an offensive line coach, was going through the week of preparation installing the runs and telling us where we could expect to use it against various defenses and fronts."

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