5 Questions with Jon Gruden

(on playing the Raiders in the Super Bowl) "It really doesn't matter who we would have played. It's a great accomplishment by our team to get here. I've certainly got a lot of respect for the Oakland Raiders and how hard they have worked to get in this matchup too. It will be a very special day for me. That's for sure."

(on having mixed emotions about the game)  "I'm not a real deep and philosophical person.  I obviously have some emotions that will run deeply during the week at times.  I am really proud that Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice and a lot of those players and coaches and people there are also going to enjoy this week and have an opportunity to compete for the championship."

(on if his familiarity with the Raiders will help game planning)  "Nothing ever stays the same.  They have a lot of different players, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.  Bill Romanowski.  Rod Woodson.  Sam Adams.  They have really made some significant changes on defense, not only in their personnel, but in the structure of their defense.  Offensively, they have taken it to another level.  I mean they get Robbins and Mo Collins back from injury.  The offensive line is a strength of theirs.  Garner and Rice have really established themselves now in terms of superstar players for the Raiders.  They are different, but we are going to do the best we can to be of any assistance possible."

(on his feelings regarding all the attention that is coming his way)  "It's the Super Bowl and it's a dream of mine come true.  To win it would be an exclamation point on that dream.  I'm just going to kind of let the players enjoy this.  They are the ones that are going to decide who wins the football game.  Hopefully, my situation is a side bar, page nineteen, lower right column."

(on if Bill Callahan bypassing the Monday interview session was gamemanship)  "That's not gamesmanship.  We played the Philadelphia Eagles.  We didn't get home in our beds until three o'clock in the morning on Monday.  To wake up and come into the office and get on a plane at twelve o'clock and fly six hours to San Diego, I didn't feel gave our coaching staff, me included, any opportunity to preview the Raiders at all.  We needed a day.  We did it the right way.  We communicated with the League office.  They in turn, I am sure, communicated with Bill and his staff, maybe that was their gamesmanship.  I don't know, but we needed to get some sleep and have an opportunity to look at the projectors and study some tape."

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