Bresnahan: How he plans on stopping the Bucs

"We talk about that from day one. It's something that we have fun with during the week in practice and carry over into the game. There is a little bit of competition among the players to see who can create the turnovers. Whether it be a caused fumble, or an interception or a recovered fumble, they have some competition going among themselves and that makes it easy."


 (on playing a less mobile quarterback after playing a mobile quarterback)  "That's true, but we're playing against a different style offense.  We still have our work cut out for us.  We always set our priorities of stopping the run and forcing it to a one dimensional game and we will continue to do that.  But you have to prepare a little differently for a less mobile quarterback than a guy like last week with Steve McNair.  He's really another running back in the backfield and that presents you with a different problem."

 (on playing against Jon Gruden)  "We have not faced each other this year.  We haven't played any common opponents.  This is business.  This is about the Raiders and about the accomplishments that we've made this year.  This team, the players, the injuries that they've fought through, coming back from a four-game losing streak and to make it to this game -- that's what its all about.  It has nothing to do with coaches.  We don't cross the line."

(on experience entering the Super Bowl)  "Romo (Bill Romanowski), Jerry Rice, Rod Woodson, Sam Adams, they've all been to the show.  You definitely fall back on those guys.  Whether it is the defensive coordinator preparing for practice, game planning or Bill looking at some little edges that we may get during the week, I think you fall back on that and rely on that input.  I was fortunate enough to be the son of a coach that went to four consecutive Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills.  My dad was fortunate to be with Marv Levy.  I've picked his brain and tried to find out any little thing that we could pull out that would be an advantage to us."

 (on Romanowski's approach to football)  "Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.  The guy is incredible.  It's all business during the week.  When you cut him loose on Sunday there is a different look that comes in his eyes.  I'm glad he's on our side.  He has been a great acquisition to the team and he does it by example and intensity.  He's not a real vocal guy who gets you going verbally.  He goes out and sets the tone by his physical play and that really has helped our young players.

 (on Regan Upshaw)  "Regan has really stepped up and become a physical football player.  He really has brought the pads to the field and done an outstanding job for us.  Everybody else that stepped up, DeLawrence Grant, Chris Cooper, Travian Smith last week, has accepted their role and done an outstanding job of doing what we have asked them to do.

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