Brown doesn't mind being #2

(San Diego) Tim Brown has been the Raiders top receiver for as long as anyone can remember, or so it seems. That was until this season when Jerry Rice assumed the top spot, both in catches and yardage. Any other time in his career, that might have set Brown off. But the expectant father of twins who will play in his first Super Bowl on Sunday wasn't about to let it get him down.

''Certainly ending up here is rewarding,'' Brown said. ''I think had we not made the playoffs I would have been very disappointed about the fact that my numbers have been down. But when you look at our team and you know how talented we are, you sort of have to understand where you fit in.''
Not that it was easy. Early in the season Brown and others started noticing fewer passes going his way while Rich Gannon tried to incorporate youngsters like Jerry Porter and tight end Doug Jolley into the flow of the offense. Though he did not openly complain, Brown did vent his frustrations in the media and to management.
''I was a little worried about it and I did have a conversation with the organization to make sure everybody wasn't looking at me as if I couldn't do it anymore,'' Brown said. ''They assured me it wasn't that and that they were just trying to get everybody involved and whatever happened on game day happened. I just had to move on and try to help this team in whatever way I could and that's what I've tried to do.''
Brown finished the regular season with 81 receptions, 930 yards and two touchdowns. Both Rice and running back Charlie Garner had more catches and yards than Brown, while Porter and Jolley combined for 83 catches, 1,097 yards and 11 touchdowns.

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