Ice Cube chills with the Raiders

Rapper/actor Ice Cube stopped by the Raiders facilities on Tuesday to take in practice and to work on a new video for a song he plans to debut before Oakland's season-opener against San Diego. Find out why Cube chose the Raiders and see what else he had to say in his interview with S&BI's Michael Wagaman.

Ice Cube has been a major fan of the Raiders for more than 20 years and frequently made references to the team in many of his songs. Now he's dedicated an entire song to the Raiders and their fans.

Cube was in Alameda on Tuesday and visited the Raiders' practice facilities along with his wife and son. Numerous players walked over and talked with Cube, with cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha pausing to take a photo with the entertainer.

Later, Cube went upstairs to the Raiders' in-house studio to do some work on the video for the new song he will debut at the team's season-opener against the Chargers on Sept. 14.

"I just did a song for the Raiders called Raider Nation, hopefully to help this team play hard on game day," Cube said. "Just a song really pumping it up, getting the fans ready for football, getting the team ready for football."

Cube, a Southern California native, said he was a Raider fan before the team moved to Los Angeles and his affinity for the team grew over the years. When Al Davis moved his team back to Oakland, Cube continued to follow the silver and black.

"I understood it's a business," he said. "I'm still waiting for them to come back so I'm keeping their seat warm."

Cube did attend the Super Bowl in 2002 and regularly makes trips to Oakland to take in games now that the team is back in Northern California.

"I didn't make it last year because I was working but the year before that I came to two or three. I still support, it don't matter."

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