Weighing in on Seymour deal

Richard Seymour could be trying to force the Patriots to re-think their trade with the Raiders or he could be pushing for a big contract extension from Oakland. Whatever the issue, the five-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman hasn't reported to his new team and that's a major cause for concern.

By now it's no big news that Richard Seymour wasn't at the Raiders' facilities for practice Monday, one day after Oakland and New England apparently agreed to a trade that sent the Raiders' 2011 first-round draft pick to the Pats in exchange for Seymour.

What has yet to be determined, though, is why.

Various reports floating around the internet suggest Seymour has no intention of reporting to Oakland and is trying to force the Patriots to trade him to another team. The Kansas City Chiefs, where former Bill Belechick compadre Scott Pioli is the GM, is rumored to be the team most likely to be involved if a new deal is done.

If that's true, it would at least be indicative of the current state of the Raiders. While Oakland is in its own form of rebuilding, the Chiefs, one could argue, are in even worse shape from a talent perspective. Neither team is expected to make the playoffs this season so you'd figure that Seymour would at least be willing to ride out this year in Oakland then test the free agency waters next year.

Instead his absence Monday left a lot of questions unanswered.

Head coach Tom Cable said he spoke personally with Seymour and that Seymour wants to play in Oakland. But if that's true, then what issues could he possibly have with the Patriots, which is what Cable said is holding up the deal.

"We have attempted to make a deal," Cable said Monday, backtracking somewhat a day after confirming a trade had been completed. "There are some issues still between him and the Patriots that are being worked out. Hoping that that will get resolved as quickly as possible. We know that the player wants to be here but we have really no control over those issues. So that's really all I'm going to talk about it for now."

That's concerning in itself.

If the Raiders had done their homework on the deal first they would have known ahead of time whatever issues Seymour had, be it with the Patriots or the Raiders themselves. It kind of reminds me of when Oakland drafted JaMarcus Russell with the first overall pick in 2006, only to be unable to sign him until the rookie quarterback had missed all of training camp and the preseason.

When making high profile moves like drafting Russell first overall and trading a first-round pick for Seymour, the Raiders have failed to get their ducks lined up first before pulling the trigger. That's led to embarrassing situations, like Russell's holdout and now, apparently, Seymour's refusal to come to town.

Sad, too, because this was a move that would have shored up one of Oakland's most glaring weaknesses.

We'll wait till Tuesday to see what happens next but it's not a situation that's going to let the Raider Nation sleep easy, that's for sure.

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