Progress being made with Seymour?

Richard Seymour's situation didn't get resolved Tuesday but there are indications the five-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman is getting closer to reporting to Oakland.

For the second straight day since being traded to the Raiders in exchange for a future first-round draft pick, Richard Seymour was not at Oakland's practice nor was there a locker set up for him.

While rumors swirled about concerning Seymour's absence, Raiders head coach Tom Cable maintained the stance he fully expects the defensive lineman to be with Oakland this season. But Cable, who said he spoke with Seymour earlier this week, declined to talk much more on the issue Tuesday.

"I really have nothing to report on that," Cable said. "Nothing has changed at this point."

Several theories have been floated about regarding Seymour and his reluctance to report to Oakland. Some have speculated he's trying to force the Patriots to rescind the trade with the Raiders and deal him to another team. Others have Seymour working Oakland for a new contract.

One internet site,, reported the two sides were indeed in negotiations on a three-year contract. Of course, that's the same site that quoted "several sources" in saying Seymour would be in Oakland to take a physical on Tuesday.

If the Raiders are negotiating a new deal with Seymour, Cable isn't saying, though you can read into his comment what you will.

"I don't want to comment on any of that until we have something that's done and concrete," Cable said.

Which, if you read between the lines, seems to suggest that yes, contract negotiations are going on.

The question then becomes not a matter of if Seymour will join the Raiders but when.

Asked if there was any chance Seymour could play in the season opener against San Diego, Cable said "I really don't know that right now. That's the issue."

Cable gave the Raiders the day off Wednesday so the earliest Seymour could be in an Oakland uniform would be Thursday when the team will hold a night practice.

Most telling were comments made by Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who told reporters he would no longer talk about Seymour because he is no longer with the team.

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