Seymour comfortable in Oakland now

Richard Seymour had heard the stories about how bad things were in Oakland but tried to ignore them once he was traded to the Raiders last week.

Seymour, who was traded to Oakland on Aug. 6 in exchange for a future first-round draft pick, said he paid no attention to the rumors of how things were in Oakland and instead waited to form his own opinion.

"I try not to judge a situation before I come into it," Seymour said Thursday in between the Raiders' walkthrough and practice. "That's just like when I watch a movie. Somebody says it's bad, you may like it. I had a lot of issues bigger than football at that time but the guys have been made my transition very easy."

Seymour's dominant game against the San Diego Chargers this past Monday no doubt helped ease the move as well.

He had two sacks and two other quarterback hurries while helping Oakland's defense completely dominate the Chargers for three-plus quarters until a late collapse that came when the Raiders went to a prevent defense.

His mere presence alone seemed to spark Oakland's defense, which played with an intensity and physical approach that hasn't been seen around these parts in many years.

Maybe more importantly, Seymour brings to the Raiders a work ethic and attitude that the rest of the team can feed off of.

"He brought in leadership, something this team needed I felt, because he's come from a winning organization," middle linebacker Kirk Morrison said. "He brought just the mentality of being a fighter, not quitting, not giving up, just giving us a little added motivation out there. I think he helped out a lot."

Defensive coordinator John Marshall noted how quickly Seymour got himself prepared for Monday's game against San Diego after arriving in town less than 48 hours earlier.

"It's not like Richard came in here, and we drew it on the board and he went and made a sandwich and went to bed," Marshall said. "He studied. He and (defensive line coach Duane Board) probably, oh, I'd say, six seven hours between the two days they were in watching film, and he did a lot of film watching on his own."

Seymour did say the move has been tough on his family, issues that were behind his decision to stay away from Oakland until Saturday. But he picked up a computer and webcam and chats with his wife and kids daily, even though they're more than 3,000 miles away.

"We got the I-chat so I can see those guys before they go to bed and when they get up in the morning," Seymour said. "I don't know if you all seen that commercial with the (man) in London and his son was eating an Oreo cookie or something like that. So, we'll definitely have some moments like that."

Seymour has his hands full this week against a Kansas City team that went into the season with major concerns just about everywhere. But the Chiefs played Baltimore tough in the season-opener, scoring 28 points against the Ravens' notoriously stingy defense.

Still, Seymour likes the Raiders chances.

"This is a fast football team and they move around quickly, you know?" Seymour said. "I don't think we probably practiced that fast in New England. I mean guys were moving around. So it's a lot for me to get used to because I've been in one system so long and they have a different way of doing things here. So I want to adapt and adjust to these guys. Like I said, it's been a really cool experience and actually I'm excited about what we can do with the team we have."

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