What they're saying post-game vs Houston

The Raiders are searching for answers following Sunday's loss to the Texans. Find out what some of the players and head coach Tom Cable had to say.

"I do feel like we are out of rhythm, out of sorts from running the ball. It's affecting our team obviously, putting our defense on the field a lot. Kind of wearing them down. So it's not only affecting us not scoring points, it's affecting the whole game." -- Right guard Cooper Carlisle on the lack of production from the running game "I caught that ball. Got my feet in and it is what it is. They called it a catch, then they ruled it an incomplete catch. I mean, I felt I was in. Whatever, however. I was right there on the field. The ref ruled it a catch; another ref came up and ruled it incomplete. So, that's all I know. I was lobbying the whole time. It was a complete catch, I didn't bobble, I didn't do anything and I felt I had two feet in. That's two of them; that's two robs." -- Wide receiver Louis Murphy on having another apparent catch overturned by instant replay "We are really killing ourselves—we're shooting ourselves in the foot all over the place. And then special teams was a really poor effort and then coverage returns a couple of bad decisions obviously, so two-thirds of our football team really played poorly today." -- Head coach Tom Cable on Oakland's problems "We got to respond. We can't go out and do what we've been doing the last couple weeks and think it's just going to work out." -- Defensive end Greg Ellis "Mostly we kept ourselves in third and long situations. We keep harping on that it's a must that we stay in manageable downs. A lot of times you say, ‘I wonder if I could have put the ball in different spots to come up with some of the third downs.' But we didn't. Obviously it wasn't good enough. I really thought I got some things done out there. Whatever it takes for us to win, I guess I must play better." -- Quarterback JaMarcus Russell "I liked what we were doing defensively. I like this team and its attitude and everything, but we have got to get it to relax and stop worrying about all of the negatives and just play football. So right now that has to be the focus. I still know this team and know what it is capable of and my belief in it hasn't wavered one bit." -- Cable on what positives he saw in the game

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