Cable: Not worried about Hanson case

Tom Cable insists he's not concerned about the latest twist in the incident allegedly involving he and former Raiders assistant Randy Hanson. With his team at 1-3 and without an offensive touchdown in more than two games, Oakland's head coach, in a weird sense, has bigger fish to fry.

Word came out Monday that the Napa Police Department had finished their investigation into the Aug. 5 incident which resulted in Hanson having to go to a local hospital in Napa after reportedly being punched in the face by Cable.

The case is in the hands now of the Napa County District Attorney's office, which will decide whether or not to bring felony assault charges against Cable.

A report recently surfaced on citing Hanson's lawyer, who claimed his client told police it was indeed Cable who struck him in the face and broke his jaw.

Hanson has not coached the team on the field since and has been banished from the team's facilities. He went to police after multiple conversations with Raiders owner Al Davis failed to get him reinstated on the coaching staff.

When broached about the case being turned over to the district attorney, Cable brushed it aside.

"I respect you guys having to bring it up but I'm not going to talk about it," Cable said. "I'm not going to say anything about it."

That's been Cable's usual MO when it's come to the Hanson incident. But he insists it's not an issue for him and that it hasn't been a distraction.

"I don't let it become part of my day or what I'm doing," Cable said. "When it all is resolved, you'll understand why I'm acting the way I am. It's just something I'm not going to talk about and shouldn't talk about. I'll let that process do its thing."

On that point, Cable is probably right. He's been advised not to talk about the case and would be foolish to do otherwise.

Besides, a jail cell might look pretty enticing compared to dealing with Davis if the Raiders don't turn their season around quickly.

Sunday's loss to Houston dropped the team to 1-3 and on the danger of falling into yet another cavernous hole with the likes of the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles next up on the docket.

The Raiders haven't scored a touchdown since Darren McFadden's 5-yard run for the game-winner in the fourth quarter against Kansas City in Week 2. The running game has gone backward the last two weeks and quarterback JaMarcus Russell, while showing some improvement in the loss to Houston, is still losing support among the team's fan base.

Not even a solid game by Oakland's defensive line was enough to cure the team's problems against the run, either. Toss in the numerous breakdowns on special teams and you have a full blown mess.

Trust me, Davis isn't even batting an eyelash at the possibility of Cable facing assault charges. Barring a dramatic turnaround this week, he's staring at the very real possibility of his team going 1-5 and that is far more critical in the owner's eyes.

Besides, I stick to my assertion that it doesn't matter whether the DA brings charges or not. At the very worst Cable will get arrested, make bail then get the case pushed off to the offseason. At no point will police show up at practice, handcuff him and trot him off to jail. Neither will a judge put him behind bars while the season's still going.

Then again, I thought the Tuck was a fumble and that Louis Murphy's catch was a touchdown.

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